Warning: Little Dick Humiliation Ahead

Hey there, big boy are you ready to stroke your little dick for me? Of course, you are. Let’s be realistic for a minute. Your little dick always gets hard and you get horny when you look at my sexy pictures. I’m giving you permission now to start stroking for your favorite Goddess. Let’s get your day started with little dick humiliation.

C’mon your little dick is getting nice and hard for me.  Jerk yourself off, as you look at my hot body in my sexy outfit. My ass and legs look amazing. What’s wrong with your shrimp dick? It doesn’t seem to be getting hard. You are seriously pathetic. A “real” man would be rock hard for me right now. But, on the other hand, you are a worthless limp dick loser.

Is the humiliation getting to you? Can’t perform like a real man? Maybe we should go back to basics, as I tease you a bit more with my sexy body. Go on one hit wonder, stroke it faster as I bend over in front of you. My sexy ass always makes you weak.

Get yourself hard, as you imagine fucking me. (Wicked LiL Laugh) As if that would ever happen!

How humiliating? You’re still fucking soft! What is a woman to do with a small pathetic limp dick like you? C’mon little man, try harder for me. Concentrate get it hard for me. Maybe try fucking a Homemade Pussy Pocket! It’s the next best thing to the real thing. LOL Maybe the closest you will ever get with that little cock. No woman wants a pathetic, tiny, limp dick like you. You could never in a million years turn a woman on.

C’mon I want you to try a little harder!! Let me watch you on Skype! I want to see if you can make it squirt. The humiliation is taking over your mind and cock. You’re the most pathetic loser and completely useless as a man. Keep on trying, at least I find you entertaining and rather amusing!

Let’s explore your “little” problem with humiliation phone sex.

I want you to tweak it for me, as I tempt and tease you with my sensuous whispers and endless images.  Ready for free phone sex minutes added to all paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS – Mention Humiliation 5, when calling me. Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure.  Let me teach you How to Suck Your Own Dick  Oh never mind – this would be impossible you aren’t big enough to even stroke it!

Maybe I can push you in a direction you never imagined! No worries I’m just throwing it out there.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together.  The opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


Kiss Kiss