It’s so Humiliating!  Why do so many guys cum so quickly? If you can’t make me orgasm then you better be entertaining because I’m not the kind of girl that likes to waste time.

Jack seemed like such a great guy; he was funny, he had a great job and he went to the gym three times a week. He’s a catch, right? Wrong. The loser can only last two minutes on the bedroom then the night’s over. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? It’s so Humiliating.

I was so fucking horny and Jack was lying there panting and all happy because he got to cum. I hadn’t even got started and my pussy was soaking wet and aching. It was dying to be filled with dick but Jack only gave it five thrusts before he was done.

Not all guys can last long and I know it must be so humiliating but at least finger me or eat me out. It’s not even like he had a Small dick.

I don’t care what you do because I like anything if it ends with me cumming, just do something. Don’t lie there like your job is done. I looked at him and went “What the fuck are you doing?” He seemed surprised and went “What?” “You only lasted two minutes. Were you trying to win a cumming quick contest? you’re like the worst guy I’ve ever fucked.”

Poor Jack lost all his happiness and started to get embarrassed, after all, it IS Humiliating, isn’t it? He fidgeted and tried to defend myself and I started having fun as I told him how much better my other lovers were. They could fuck me all night long and make me cum again and again while he could only manage a few thrusts.

He blushed and tried to leave but I put my hand around his dick, holding him tight enough to stop him from moving. His dick felt wet in my hand as I squeezed it. “No wonder you can’t keep a girlfriend. Oooh, I can’t wait to tell mine about you.

By tomorrow everyone will know how bad you are in bed.”

He blinked back tears as I let him go. I laid there and opened my legs, pushing a finger inside my pussy. “Were your exes really into mutual masturbation?” I asked, my finger pumping away. “Hmmm? I bet they were. I bet that’s the only way they could make sure of getting an orgasm.” cum and pussy juices slipped over my finger as it moved faster. He watched me, his dick staying hard and I knew he was hoping this would lead somewhere good.

I pushed in a second finger and kept going. “Why did you even bother fucking me? You should just give up on sex, become a priest or something.” I gasped as I started getting back in the mood. “Oh, now this feels good. Oh yeah, that’s what I need.”

  Playing with him a bit longer, I let his humiliation get worse until I knew he wanted to die before finally giving him a break.

I can only play with a loser for so long before it stops being fun and I need to cum.

I told him to leave and he got dressed, not looking at me as his bright red face stared at the ground with shame. As he was about to go out the door I stopped him. “Oh hey before you go can you get my vibe out the bottom drawer? I need to fuck something tonight.”

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