Humiliating My Chastity Slaves

Humiliating my Chastity slaves is so much fun!  It’s easy to get them to do the most humiliating things to themselves.  I think it’s because I hold the key to let them out of their chastity cage and they for some reason think if they do what they are told, then I will reward them.  I really have no idea where they came up with that idea though, why would I do that?

So I have this chastity bitch that has been locked up for a little over four months now.  I have been super-cruel to this slave and have not even let him out for a tease session.  It has been four long and agonizing months of hands off and no touching!  Bwahahaha…   so I ask the loser if he wants a chance to earn some freedom to play, but there will be absolutely no cumming involved.  He didn’t even ask what I had in mind, he just agreed!  I could have been thinking he needs to suck cock and send pictures.  I wasn’t, but I could have.  Anyways, his assignment was to contact an escort whom is into kink and fetishes.  He was to set up an appointment and call me when he gets there.  He will of course bring all his CBT toys with him.  She of course will see he is locked up and both her and I will have some real time fun.  This works out well for me, because if I want to kick him in the balls, I just ask the escort to do it for me.  I plan on making this a session he will not forget for a long time.  As you may know, I have recently discovered my new found love for cock and ball torture, so you can imagine how much fun I will have!

This is also a form of financial domination, because he will be paying me for an hour long session and he is also paying the escort her fee for an hour.  So for $400 – $500 he will be abused by both myself and the escort; then to top it off, he won’t even get to cum!  In the end, he will be placed back into chastity and locked up.

Do you want to be locked in chastity and humiliated by a beautiful phone sex Mistress?