A drunk guy is so much fun to play with. It’s easier to get them to do what you want and they don’t realize how pathetic they’ve acted until the next day when they sober up. I know this guy, Ryan, who’s a total straight arrow that never has any fun and acts like a know-it-all jerk. Can you blame me for wanting to screw with him?

I hit on Ryan, he took the hint and asked me out. It was an okay date but it was the after date part that I cared about. He offered to drive me home and I told him that I wanted to grab some beers and go back to his place. It was too early to end things, the night was still young. He said that he had some beers at home but I insisted on picking up more on the way home.

As soon as we got there I cracked open a couple of beers and handed one to him. He knocked it back while I just sipped on mine. We drank and made out until Ryan started to get tipsy. He put his beer down, said he was done for the night then tried to take things into the bedroom. I told him to stay put and held his beer against his mouth, forcing him to drink it. He choked as I tilted the can back, emptying it. He tried to push me away but I stayed where I was and opened another can. I put it in his hand and told him to drink up then undid his jeans. I reached inside and put my hand on his dick. He was semi-hard. I stroked him but stopped every time he put the beer down. When he was starting to sway and get that distant look in his eye I took my hand off him and stood up. I walked a few steps away from him and he whined about me not jerking him off anymore. I took out my phone and told him to crawl to me. If he did then I’d stroke him for 1 minute. He fell to his knees and crawled to me as I took pics of him. When he got to me I had him roll on to his back and act like a dog that’s about to get a belly rub. He did and I took another pic. I gave his dick a half-hearted stroke then made him crawl after me as I walked around the living room. He begged me the entire time to touch him.

I then sat him down on the couch and started to give him a striptease. He smiled and watched and I started dropping hints about how he lucky he was to get a girl like me. I moved my ass against his lap and asked how much he thought I’d make at a strip club. He gave me a goofy ass smile and said I could make hundreds a night, damn right and I do! Tee hee  I straddled his thigh and reached for his back pocket. I grabbed his wallet and he shifted up so I could take it out. I opened it, held it out to him and told him to give me as much as he wanted to. I grinded my pussy against him as he drunkenly said “Baby, you’re so hot.” and gave me everything he had in it. I tucked the bills into my bra, handed him his beer and grabbed my phone. I took a pic of him drinking while I held open his empty wallet and had bills sticking out of my top.
Ryan was about to pass out so I left him on the couch, put my clothes back on and left. The next morning I emailed him the pictures I had taken just in case he didn’t remember everything.
Take a guess what I did with that ammo?  *Wicked Grin*