Humbling Humiliation Methodology is a Recipe for Disaster!

It’s amazing how humbling humiliation methodology can be, especially when it’s unexpected!  You know, I always think I’ve got the jump on any man…Wrong.  A girl can learn something new every day.  But, humiliation?  No. Never been my thing. But, never say never, right? Seems that if you put your heart into it, anything can be great fun, Darlin’!  That’s the point of doing it all. So, I can tell you every little detail!  Make you hard wishing you knew a little slut like me in real life. Someone who will never say no to every little thing you want.  I’m just a slutty servant!

I have to say, I was totally unprepared for our date night to go so much to the left. Or, so right depending on the angle you’re looking from!

We went to “The Basement”!

It’s a little club off the strip and always off the hook fun for couples of all kinds.  There, it’s a party within a party all the time.  And my entree into Humbling Humiliation Methodology for the first time. They’ve got side rooms for private events.  And, they have access to everything at the club…The rest of the “poachers” are there as the party favors, so to speak for an elite bunch. It’s easy enough to tell who’s who, based on the undergarments handed out at the door.  I was given a large “grab bag” upon entry and we were ushered either to the left, or right of the massive entry hall.  I’d heretofore been lead “left”, mostly based on with whom I had arrived.

Once in the room designating who you are, you’re lead back to the great room where the others are dressed in fancy attire and the duties would begin.  Caring for and attending to the elite in any way instructed was the name of the game.  Tonight was so different.  When I looked around the dressing room, I noticed that I’d never before worn this particular “garment” for playtime…Holy shit!  We’re in the elite group tonight.  Happy dance! We were lead back to the great room and the announcements began.

Talk about extreme sexual fetishes! OMG.

Now keep in mind, these are the BDSM groups, so there was tons of cock worship by everyone on everyone else!  Group sex is the club setting. So, if you’re at all shy, group sex, gang-banging in public, probably isn’t your deal, then that would be the time to run!  But, if you’re adventurous. And if you love to fuck?  Well, hell, yeah!  Then this is your kind of party, Sugar!

We were being led to the main hall for the party to begin and that’s when I found out what I was in store for! I hadn’t noticed the minute difference in attire.  How could I not have noticed? I was the only person in attendance with something “different” on!  Oh, shit!  And instead of servicing me. They were all instructed to humiliate me in ways I can’t even mention. Well, some of them anyway.

Humbling Humiliation Methodology at its best.

In came the biggest black cocks I’d ever seen. Happy Birthday to me!  And the group sex setting?  Let’s just say it was much more like a gang-rape and in public! Contrary to what you’d think, no one wants to help you!  They’re waiting their turn to flip fuck me.  Everything from golden showers to scat play and all in between has become common-place for me.  But, humiliation as I’d said before, it never got me off.  Until…

That birthday was the most erotic, enticing one I’ve ever enjoyed. Even if it was against my will!

There’s always a Day After when it comes to a Humbling Humiliation Methodology party!

The next morning  I stumbled out wearing only the fancy-ass panties I’d been given before the wild night got underway! Someone had called an Uber for me and when it pulled up next to my nearly naked ass. I smiled as I got in and gave my address. I also smiled as I marched up to my front lawn, arms swinging with zero attempts to cover my perfect tits!  Why bother. I’ve lived here for years.  They know me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. The wives either hate me or wish they could be me.

Would YOU like to get your shit off on a pretty girl who’ll just drink it up?  I just adore being humiliated during a hot phone sex chat!  You may have never met the likes of a woman like me.  So unapologetic, so over-sexed…so carefree!  But, if you’re thinking of walking on the wild side…You really need to call me!  Do YOU want to be humiliated this time? I can handle that too, Darlin’.

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