There Once Was A Humble Foot Slave…

Long ago, I met a humble foot slave who was in quite a dire pickle. He was in quite a financial hardship as a result of poor choices. Hence, to gain some extra money he applied for several jobs until one hired him as a shoe sales representative. He was generally quite a lowly meek man.

Thus, everything about this man screamed- humble foot slave. It’s not like he had his fetish branded on his chest, but he might as well have. Chuck, the foot slave, was so short he was often mistaken for a small woman. He also had very feminine facial features.

So, what did he end up doing?

Of course, after much huffing, he was finally able to settle into his work. He was the son of a pretty affluent store owner. Finally, the father had had enough of his antics and poor choices. His father did not want anything to do with him anymore. Rather than dwelling on his woes, Chuck delved into his work.

Well, soon Chuck started enjoying the pretty girls who walked in to find shoes. On many occasions, he would be asked to help find the right shoes to fit their pretty feet.

That’s how I met Chuck while shopping for shoes for a party. Now as you all know generally we know our shoe sizes. However, different brands can feel different on the feet. So, to get the perfect shoes, it’s always better to go into the store to find the perfect fit.

There were so many shoes!

So, I didn’t know which shoes to get. Should I wear the stunning black pumps which would show off my feet? Or would I be better off buying the brown leather boots to go with sexy tight jeans? In addition, they were both perfect shoes for different occasions.

Next, I saw Chuck come over to ask if I needed any help. He seemed very eager to help me, so I let him. First, Chuck said I should get my feet fitted for the shoes before anything else. That definitely made a lot of sense. Before I could take off my own shoes, he told me to sit tight and he would be happy to take them off for me. So, I sat down on a seat and Chuck bent down to take off my shoes. I sat there and felt his gentle hands removing my shoes.

I blushed as I knew my feet were sweaty. Then, I saw Chuck smile and look down. At first, I thought he was looking up at my big firm tits.  However, his eyes drifted below to my stockings and my slender smooth feet.

Soon we started talking as he touched my feet.

After removing my shoes I felt his hands massaging my feet. Chuck joked he was my humble foot slave and it was his pleasure to rub my tired sore feet. His hands felt so good rubbing my soul, caressing my heels, and… did I feel a lick on my toes? I shook my head clearing my thoughts.

Was this man licking my toes and massaging my slender feet? Were we going to try on my shoes of choice? His tongue felt so good on my heels and went up my legs. My pussy was tingling under my skirt. The moisture started to pool in my panties and my insides tingled.

I couldn’t believe this stranger was sucking my toes.

Next, he delicately put my black pumps on. I walked on them for a bit and told him I wanted to buy them. Next, he took my shoes off and licked each toe then slipped my boots on my small feet.

He whispered about his desire to see my feet more, that he would do anything to pamper my feet. I didn’t even have to buy shoes to get him to pamper my toes. His tongue was so good- where else could I get this humble foot slave to lick me just for a taste of my feet?

So what are your hottest experiences?  Do you desire to serve as a humble foot slave to a beautiful woman? Don’t keep your fetish under the surface. 

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