My Slave gets an Upgrade and Starts His Human Toilet Training

Ah, my dear slave. You’ve been such an enthusiastic slave. You’ve taken to your training quite well to this point, with only the slightest of defiant tirades.  And even though the punishments that you’ve had to endure (because of said tirades) have been severe, you’ve learned from them nonetheless. You’ve become a more compliant, subservient slave. Yes, you’ve even taken to your sissy faggot training (after some initial hesitation). But I require more from you. Oh yes, I’ve decided to give you a major upgrade of sorts. Aren’t you excited? I know I am. You see, you’re going to start your human toilet training.

Yes, I said human toilet training. You can’t possibly expect me to place my perfectly sculpted ass on a cold, hard porcelain seat whilst I relieve myself, can you?  Of course not. That’s why I must insist on having my human toilets around. Oh, and I do so look forward to adding you to my array of slaves. Especially when I have company over. You Gotta love me a human toilet party!

I have to admit, I’m excited to see how you do with your training.

How will you take to your new training? Like the proverbial duck to water (yellow water that is, lol)? Or will your cringe and try to avoid all your training lessons? Tell me, will your defiant tirades make an encore appearance? I must confess to you that the idea of having you sit there in the corner or at my feet, waiting to serve one of my guests – is simply divine. It actually makes my pussy weep with my juices. How does that make you feel? Knowing how it will please me so. After all, your purpose in life is to please those who are superior to you. And more specifically, your Mistress. I am here to facilitate your growth as a slave. To help you realize your true potential and be all that you can be.

Now I am well aware that this particular training can be unnerving. In fact, I know it will annihilate all your preconceived notions of who you are. And in turn, WHAT you are. I know that it may be a hard road to travel, but as a slave, it is a road I insist you travel.

But once you accept your new station in life as a human toilet, things will finally fall into place for you. The bottom line is that you are a slave. One that is made to serve and service those superior to you. Your true inner self derives fulfillment from serving and servicing those around you. This I know. And in this, I will help you achieve your true place in this world.

When your human toilet training is complete, you will find purpose in servicing them, gleefully offering to serve any and all of their needs.

You will welcome your role as not just a slave, but a human toilet made to serve. Eager to crawl over to them. To drop to your knees. To hold your mouth open for their goodness to be given to you. Your body will hum with anticipation. Not only that, but you will savor drinking their warm piss. Of them defecating in your waiting mouth. And of course, making sure to lick them very clean.

Once you’re done, you will return to wherever you were sitting and waiting for the next. After receiving their gifts, be it piss or scat or both, you will always say thank you for the privilege of partaking in such gifts, like a good human toilet. For your good and faithful service, you may be rewarded with leftover scraps of food in the kitchen. You will learn the fulfillment of knowing who and what you are, and your uses.


Tell me, does your cock swell with the idea of being used in such a demeaning and humiliating way? With the need to be degraded in such a primal way? Are you salivating at the mere thought of having a humiliation phone sex session with me?

I am willing to give you this precious gift – all you have to do is call my phone sex line and ask for it.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke