Human ATM Piggy – I Take All of His Cash And Leave Him With Nothing

Human ATM piggy! I love them so much. Because they will hand over cash with a thirst for humiliation and torture. Let’s talk about some human atm piggy moments.

My ATM piggy loves to appear out of nowhere sometimes to give me huge amounts of cash. He loves the thought of me spending his cash on food, drinks, clothes, and boys. And I love to spend every cent on things I want. I tell him all about it when he calls me next.

It makes his teeny cock super hard when I laugh at him and tell him to open his wallet and give it to me. He sends me pictures of his little clitty and I laugh and make fun of him. Some men would just get pissed and walk away but piggies LOVE to be humiliated. So, I tell him to tie up his balls and spank them with a paddle.

He will send me a little video or call me on Skype to show me how hard he’s hitting his balls. I sit back and smoke a cigarette as I laugh at him. He can’t get enough of my giggling and the humiliation that I throw at him. It only makes his clitty throb harder.

I keep going and tell him to grab the biggest dildo he has.

He whines at me that it’s too big for his ass but I yell at him to shove it in his tight little ass. Of course, he obeys… I allow him to use some spit or lube to make it easier. But, boy, does he cry when I make him shove it in really fast!

With tears in his eyes, he tells me “Please, take my money, my Queen.” So, we call up the tip line and he hands over a bunch of cash. Which, makes the boss lady laugh with delight as she hears me order my human ATM piggy to hand over the cash.

His tiny cock needs more punishing so I have him slap it around a bit and make it turn bright red. And I laugh loudly as he cries about how much it hurts. But, I don’t give a shit. It’s his place in the world to be treated like garbage because that’s all that he is.

He tells me “Oh my god, my Queen, I love how mean you are to me. It makes me feel like such a little bitch. I LOVE IT. Please, take more of my cash and punish me harder.” I laugh at him and call the tip line, yet again.

Does this make me a mean person? Sure, but I don’t give a shit.

If a dude calls me and tells me that he wants me to treat him like absolute garbage then I sure will! It’s his little fantasy and I don’t question any part of it. Because this is his money that he is calling with and if he wants someone to treat him like a little bitch then he should get that. And I am here to please all that call me.

I do all kinds of calls and findom is definitely one of my favorites. Not just because I love money, but because I love to take out all of my anger and frustration on someone that wants it. It may seem like its nuts to you but to me, I have a deep understanding of why they want it.

Some guys just spend all day working their big position jobs, have huge responsibilities, have wives that just want them to “be a man,” and they are just needing a bit of time off from that. So, I give them what they want. A good time for them to be someone they are not for a little while. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

And then there are some that are just little bitches in their real lives and need to be slapped around. But, it’s all that they are wanting. Treat them like garbage as I take, take, take. And they cum hard and call back for more abuse.

Want humiliation phone sex? Give me a call… I’ll show you mean.