Hubby Lends A Helping Hand

It’s important for married people to have date nights so their relationship doesn’t get stale. A few days before my date night I got to talking with a guy, Derrick, I met online. He was nice and we arranged to meet on Saturday night. I told my hubby so he could start thinking about how best to get me ready for my date.

     On Saturday evening an hour before I was to leave I had him come to my room. I opened my closet and pulled out dresses one by one. I held them up for him to see and asked him what he thought Derrick would like seeing me in. We settled on a short, burgundy dress that was low cut. I told my husband to go to the dresser and get me a bra. He did but came back with panties as well. I had to laugh at that. I told him to put them back, I wanted Derrick so badly that panties would just slow me down.  I got dressed and did my hair and makeup while my husband sat and watched quietly. When I looked perfect I stood in front of him and gave a slow turn so he could see how great I looked. I told him to enjoy it now because I was coming home looking like a well-fucked mess. I picked my purse up and left.

As I walked out the door I told him to have fun watching TV alone.

     I went to Derrick’s house, he was making me dinner. Food wasn’t what I was interested in having though. We went into the kitchen and I watched as he poured us glasses of wine. I took a sip as he turned to get the plates. I stood up and grabbed his arm.
     I pulled him close to me and kissed him. My hands went down and undid his pants. I stroked him until he was rock hard under my fingers. I pushed him down on a chair. He watched as I pulled the hem of my skirt up slowly, teasing him. I slipped a finger into my pussy and stroked it. I was already wet and brought my finger to my lips. I licked it clean before straddling Derrick. His dick brushed against my pussy lips and spread them as I lowered myself down slowly.  When I was down all the way I decided to torture him a bit and stayed still, feeling him deep in me. He made small thrusting motions, eager for me to move. I kissed him and clenched my pussy muscles around him. He moaned. I put him out of his misery and began to ride him. I got a steady rhythm going and I felt him going deep every time I lowered myself. He gripped my hips, trying to get me to fuck him harder. I moved faster, the chair creaking under us. He tensed and I felt his cum filling me. I was close and kept riding him until I came.
     I slid off his lap, fixed my dress and grabbed a glass of wine off the table. I knocked it back and thanked him for dinner before heading home to hubby.

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