My young, hot, blonde stud fucked me so good all afternoon that I was dizzy.  We laid there naked and wallowing in each others sweat and cum and kissing patiently. Then his cock got hard again. “Are you ready for another round, Genie?” I said, “Hell yea….I want some more.” As I spread my legs wide to receive his throbbing cock I heard the keys to front door jingling and the sound of someone entering and disarming the alarm system and a voice so familar. “Genie, I’m home.” Damnit. My hubby is back and here I am on my back with a hot cock between my legs.

My young lover and I paused and looked at each other like deer in the headlights. I didn’t know what to do or where to hide. The suspense seem to make his cock even harder and as he slid it gently across my clit my pussy got even wetter. My husband’s voice echoed through the house. “Genie….honey…..are you here? I saw your car parked in the driveway.” I didn’t want to answer him but before I could decide whether  to call out to him or not I felt my young lover’s tongue sliding down my throat.

The danger of being caught turned me on so bad. I wanted more of my young lover and he wanted more of me. But how would my marriage survive? My hubby is not a violent man. He’s very passive. He gives me everything I need or want. Will he kick me out without a dime when he finds me spread eagle with a naked man? The fear of the unknown made me even hornier. I could hear my husband’s foot steps as he walked throughout the house. With each step my young lover kept inching his cock deeper in my pussy. He slid it in slow and easy and kept his tongue down my mouth to keep me quiet.

He pumped my pussy slow and steady as he wrapped my thighs around his waist. My pussy was hungry for his cock and I wanted all I could get before we’re interrupted. He was fucking me so good I didn’t want to stop. I could hear my husband calling me. “Genie, honey… business trip got shortened. I’m so glad to be home. Hey, honey….where is my beautiful wife? Genie? Genie….honey where are you? I could hear his footsteps louder and then his voice….”Genie? What are you doing?” He was standing in the doorway in shock as my young stud pounded my pussy like a racehorse. I couldn’t stop fucking…..I just couldn’t stop. It was just too damn good. I don’t know what will happen to me now that my HUBBY CAUGHT ME WITH A YOUNG STUD.

Written by Genie