How to have sex with your tease of a sister!

She’s such a slut, isn’t she?  She goes to school everyday wearing that plaid skirt that’s way too short.  Based on the rumors, seems like your sister gives it to everyone but you.  Not anymore.  I’m here to tell you three different ways to get some of that sweet, sweet incest pussy.


We both know that, if she’s fucking so many guys, some of them have got to be off-limits in some way. “Why do you have your Biology teacher’s phone number saved in your contacts?  Why is he saved under daddy?   Tutoring?  Does tutoring really require texting him pussy shots?” Sisters are excellent liars but keep the pressure on and she’ll have no choice but to let you dip your cock in her honey pot too in order to keep her secret.

Play The V Card!

There’s one thing big sister’s hate and that’s knowing that their little brother hasn’t yet lost his v-card yet.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for a slutty sister to have a brother who doesn’t know how to have sex yet?  Give her some nice, big puppy dog eyes and she’ll make sure your cock is primed for college.  Careful, though.  This impromptu sex often leads to bro/sis pregnancies.

Get Her Past The Point Of No Return!

It’s the middle of the night and the whole house is asleep.  Your sister’s dreaming about having her pussy tongued and her massive tits played with and feels like she could cum any second.  That’s when she realizes that this is no dream.  And she looks down to find your head between her legs.  Being on the cusp of cumming, her mind will lose this battle and she’ll find herself squirting in her own brother’s mouth.  It’s hard to play the moral high ground when she just squealed out your name in the heat of passion.

Ever try sex while on the phone?  Call me up and give it a try.

Hot Phone Sex