How To Have Sex

One thing that I have come to realize about men is that there are some that know how to have sex…and then there are those that don’t. Do you happen to fall into the unfortunate group of guys who do not know how to have sex? Maybe you want to know how to have phone sex? Or maybe you are searching for tips on how to up your sex game? Well, you have come to the right place! This

Welcome to my new class, Sex Therapy 101; here you will read all about sex, learn different sex positions, and what women want in the bedroom. I love sharing kinky sex stories on my blog, like the one about my phone controlled sex toy. Our first class will focus on one thing that men often overlook, tits! Did you know that some women can orgasm by nipple stimulation alone? I had no idea that it was even possible until it happened to me, and that shit is amazing!

As things start heating up between you and your lucky lady; softly run your hands over her tits. Cupping each breast in your hands, slowly begin to run your fingertips around her nipples. You’ll know she’s digging it when you start to feel her nipples harden. By this time, her clit will be tingling, her pussy getting wetter and wetter each time you circle her nipples. While staring into her eyes, gently squeeze her nipples between your fingers and watch as she throws her head back as you squeeze her nipples harder.

By now, her pussy is dripping and craving your cock…but you have other plans in store for her. 😉 Still cupping her smooth, voluptuous tits in each hand; circle her hard nipples with the tip of your tongue. Then gently nip and pull on it with your teeth. Her body starts to twitch as her pussy throbs. Wrap your lips around her breast and slowly start sucking her tits while flicking your tongue on her nipples. Look up and watch as she throws her head back, moaning deeply as she climaxes.


Mature Phone Sex



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