Good morning phone sex world! So I thought it would be fun to tell you guys some hot positions I personally do in sex. Ever wonder how to have great sex when tired or she’s not as tight as you like? I am not a huge fan of the Kamasutra, I feel like it’s pretty redundant and well lets face it we all like something new and that works for most cock sizes…even you little dick guys. *Some work best for big cocks mind you!

1. My first fav position is on the couch with the guy in the sitting position. I would tuck the top of my knees under his armpits and keep my feet as close to the sides of his thighs. His hands are on my ass to help me bounce a little more efficiently and for longer periods of time. With a woman tucked in like this her pussy is tighter. Wanna make it even tighter? Have her knees touch your chest instead. She can hold onto the back of the sofa or your neck. *Sofa is better, that way you don’t get a sore neck 😉 Even huge cocks can go balls deep with this one!

2. Another great position is reverse cowgirl. No I can’t twerk worth a shit…without a dick in me! Again lay down with a pillow under your ass. Gives a better range of motion for us gals. Her legs tucked tightly against your sides. Have her lean down and grab your ankles. The only thing that should move, is her hips or ass. Her legs should be stationary. She shouldn’t tire out from this for awhile. Take the chance to play with her ass and put a finger into her asshole!

3. Have her lay on her stomach with a pillow under her hips. She should cross her legs over one another tightly. With her ass slightly elevated you will have the head of your cock glide over her g-spot with each thrust. Oil up your shaft and her pussy. You won’t just be fucking her pussy, you have to get past ass and thigh first. So with this one, men well endowed can put more cock in without hurting us girls! You can sit back on your haunches and get two hand fulls of ass or hips and pound away. The crossed over legs make that cunt tighter!

When you are having sex and trying new things get comfy! Nothing can take away pleasure like an odd position. If you are both tired and she has a harder time cumming…this is MY fav for those times I don’t wanna ride the bologna pony.

3. Lay on your side and find the right level of entry. I had to have a guy put a pillow under his hip, another time under my hips. She should have one leg between your legs and one over you back/ass. Her legs can lock you into place for a nice hard grind once your cock is inside. Now here’s the fun part…you have free hands fellas..get out her vibrator and massage her clit with it! The grinding and vibrations will feel amazing to you both! Plus you aren’t using too much energy for this.

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