Hot car sex is a dreamboat in theory, but it doesn’t always turn out as sexy as it seems when we really look at the facts. However, knowing how to have car sex is necessary to keep your girl horny on the road.  Now, maybe if you only want an occasional hook-up, anything will do.  However, if you are on a road trip, summer sex in your hot rod becomes the ultimate test.

So many guys think girls want hot car sex in the car, but that is a big misconception.  It is true that having car sex in the car is great when you are in a primarily public place… like a market, theatre, or park.  This is because the chances of getting caught having a good time rise drastically.  Now, some people like the idea of getting caught, but some only like the idea of getting spotted.  So, they opt for fucking in the car.

Hot Car Sex Role Play

If you decide to have summer sex in the drive-thru after a terrible B-rated movie, you should fuck in the car.  I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so cramped, nor smell like stale fries.  Nope! You can have hot car sex that is completely freeing.

The trick on how to have car sex that is worth it is to get creative outside of the car.  The back seat is nice and all for a cookout or family function, but when possible, fuck her on that hood.  She will brag to her friends for weeks, and let’s face it; you will tell your dudes, too.

To have hot car sex, your main goal is to not fuck it up.  I know that is hard sometimes.  But trust me, when you’re balls deep in a babe with her ass hanging out of the trunk of your car, you will realize the normal approach to car sex is not nearly enough.

Car Slut Stories

First off, you are going to want to make sure the weather is good.  Summer sex is always my favorite.  She doesn’t want nipples so hard they could carve glass and, plus, shrinkage.  No, it’s best to know how to prepare for these things!  How to have car sex is not just about the motion, but the setup.  You want to get her cunt juicy and running down that bitch’s thighs, not make her squeeze her legs shut.

Vacation sex is always appealing to a girl, so if you tell her you are going on a road trip, your girl is going to be begging for cock after every pit stop.   In cases like these, you are going to want to choose state roads known for their quietness.  This way, she won’t be hesitant to check what is under the hood while you pour cum into that pussy.

The more comfortable you can get the slut, the more willing she will be to give you that hot car sex you’ve been whacking it to since you were a teen.  Trust me, the more fun you are willing to make it out there, she will spread her legs on the hood of any car you ask her to.  Maybe if you really work her up to it, even your bitch of an ex that you can’t stand. Kudos to that!


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