How Far Does Your Stocking Fetish Take You?

To some Men, there is nothing better than a sexy set of legs covered in a pair of silky stockings. Take a look at the sheer, sexy stockings that I have on. Wouldn’t you like to have your cock in between my pantyhose-covered thighs? Feel it sliding back and forth as I press my thighs together squeezing your dick tight between them. Imagine your pre-cum smeared all over the thin, sheer material of my stockings. I’ll lay on my back and spread my legs wide wearing my sexy corset, thong panties, and garter belt. The best piece though is my silky stockings. So perfect for our naughty Stocking fetish phone sex call.

A stocking fetish phone sex call is great but how far do you want to go? How far will you, or do you, take your pantyhose addiction? Are you satisfied just jerking off looking at a sexy woman wearing a pair of stockings? Do you actually need to wrap them around your cock as you stroke? Have you taken it to the next level and actually put a pair of stockings on…

Have you experienced the feeling of that tight, sheer, silky smooth material on your skin and holding your cock in tightly?

I bet that if you really, truly have a hardcore stocking fetish then you’ve at the very least thought about what it would be like if you put those sexy stockings on. And my guess is that you probably have already tried it or you will eventually. You might not ever admit to it but you know you wonder what it would feel like having those tight pantyhose pressed against your cock and balls. Maybe when you call me I’ll persuade you to finally put them on!

Think about how much better of a masturbation session it would be with me if you did and how much harder you would cum! It’s just so kinky and taboo that it gets my pussy wet to think about making you wear those Women’s pantyhose during our phone sex call. Not to mention the fact that your stocking fetish will already have your cock rock hard while you’re stroking through those stockings!

Are you up for some milf phone sex tonight? Or are you more of a teen phone sex guy?

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