House Cleaner Slave: He Dresses Up And Cleans My House Every Day!

House cleaner slave, that’s right. I have a slave who likes to come to my house and clean it for me. He dresses up in a tight little maids outfit and loves to be humiliated. I love having a spotless house and treating him like garbage.

I found this little sissy boy bitch one day whilst shopping at Victoria’s Secret one day. He approached me, timidly, and said “I am a bitch boy. May I please be your slave?” I laughed at him and told him of course.

After talking for a while and humiliating him in public I decided to let him into my home. Where I had him start cleaning every nook and cranny of my house. He enjoys dusting and often skips around as he does it. I even had him put on a little maids outfit to add a sense of fun to it all.

Every single day he drives to my house in his outfit and starts cleaning. I have him wash my dishes, lay out my clothes, draw my bath, cook me dinner, clean up my smelly panties, and a whole lot more! Boy, he sure is a good little bitch for me. Never once has he complained about the workload.

Sometimes he begs to come over and clean.

I think he just loves putting on the tiny little maid dress and high heels. But, maybe he just really loves cleaning. I know that he loves to stare and admire me like the goddess that I am. He loves to tell me that I am beautiful and that he wishes he could be just like me.

I, of course, laugh at him and tell him that he is sad and pathetic. Because it is! A grown man of 45 wanting to be a 30-year-old blue-eyed, blonde-haired woman is hilarious! He knows that he is complete garbage and he LOVES it.

I also have him give me foot rubs and he cleans off my shoes after I have been out. Oh, he cleans my shoes with his tongue. Because that’s the only way you can guarantee a good shine when they are all finished. And my house cleaner sissy bitch can’t get enough of it.

At the end of the day, I had him make up my bed and tuck me in. He likes to tell me that he is so lucky to be serving me and would love to come back tomorrow for more. And so I always tell him he can come back for more cleaning and humiliation. He graciously leaves and locks up my house so I may go to bed.

Having a house cleaner slave is absolutely the best.

And I love bossing him around. Even when I had a boyfriend, he would boss him around as well. And it would be a little tradition to award sissy bitch by letting him watch us fuck. And sissy boy would just jerk his tiny dick off and cum on his dress.

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