I’m Madison and I like to wear my pretty and sophisticated looking black frame glasses during some of my phone sex roleplay calls. Have you ever heard of glasses fetish phone sex? Well some guys really like the look of a hottie in a pair of glasses. I also love to wear them to enhance some of my phone sex roleplays like any kind of office sex or school girl fetish, maybe a nerd or geek phone sex session. Added to a silky sheer pair of stockings or thigh highs and the mood is set for a naughty glasses fantasy!

I do more than read with my girly glasses. I sometimes like to wear them while having sex, but mostly I enjoy teasing with them. Placing the end of the arm between my luscious plump lips and twirling them around a bit. One of the more practical uses for a sexy pair of glasses during phone sex is to get a cum covered facial. You can just squirt and squirt, unleashing that entire cum load all over my pretty face and glasses. Those over sized glasses allow you to let loose without caring where you might be shooting your jizz!

Do you have a secret nerd or geek fetish? Wearing these glasses would make for a really naughty nerd roleplay phone sex session! Basically if you have any kind of glasses fantasy like office, secretary, professor/teacher, nerd or schoolgirl type of fantasy then me wearing these large black framed glasses and one of my sexy outfits will be amazing for your next phone sex roleplay!

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