I have always wanted to be taken advantage of in the dead of night, I lay there for hours wondering if someone is peeking through my window. Finally, my hottest rape fantasy came to life!

My mom and dad have been staying at work later and later every night recently. I honestly hate sleeping all by myself, but at least I have the opportunity to finger fuck my tight wet cunnie in private now that no one is home! Picturing the hottest rape fantasy of my wildest dreams, I began drifting off into ecstasy. Suddenly, I heard a loud thump! I froze in fear with my finger still inside my tight cunt. I got really scared and curled up in my bed and stayed completely still. Then I heard more thumps. I tried covering my head with my covers and told myself it was just a dream…

I listened closely and wondered if it was just my imagination running wild. 

But then I heard the living room window creak open. It wasn’t just a dream though! Little did I know, it was my hottest rape fantasy coming to life. I decided to be the bravest teen girl and go downstairs to check. As quietly as possible, I walked down the stairs in my tiny, see-through nightgown. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, goosebumps covered my entire body! My eyes struggled to look around in the darkness, but I could tell that no one was there! A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I turned to walk back upstairs. Then, I felt a pair of big hands grab me from behind and throw me onto the ground! 

I started squealing and trying to crawl away, but they were way too strong!

His hands pushed my face into the carpet and he told me to shut up. I could feel him climb on top of me, I did exactly as told and shut up! This was almost exactly how I pictured the hottest rape fantasy. He flipped me around onto my back and I looked up at a big scary man in a mask! He then clamped his hand down over my mouth and told me to stay quiet, or else. His hands slid all over my tight body and I felt his rock hard bulge press into my thigh. He pushed my little see-through nightgown up and slid off my panties. 

He started licking my mouth all the way down to my quivering thighs. 

His tongue teased and slicked against my skin until he reached my dribbling wet cunnie. I tried to wiggle away but he held me down tightly. He told me he loved teasing nasty little whores like me. I heard him unzip his pants and I felt his rock hard cock rub against my throbbing clit. He was making my hottest rape fantasy come true. I asked him how he knew about my fantasy but he ignored me! Then I felt his cock ram my tight pink pussy! I squealed in shock, begging for him to stop, but he didn’t listen. He grabbed my throat and began to squeeze harder and hard while he rammed his cock in and out of my tight hole. 

His hands gripped my throat tighter with every hard thrust. 

He slid his cock lower, then pushed inside my tight asshole really hard! I could feel it stretch open with pain as he forced it in. I couldn’t breathe, he held my throat so tight. My pussy dripped all over my thighs, this was the hottest rape fantasy ever. His cock rammed my tight asshole so hard, my pussy started to gush and squirt all over. I couldn’t breathe, but it felt so fucking good. Better than I had imagined! He kept pushing deep inside of me until I felt his hot creamy cum pump inside of me. 


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