I keep having the same dream about making my boyfriend a cuckold.

This morning, I woke up with soaking wet panties. I had my favorite dream last night. The one where I make my boyfriend a cuckold.

In my dream, we come home from dinner. “Baby, I have a surprise for you!” I tell him and lead him into the bedroom.
Waiting in the bedroom is a man I found on Tinder. My profile said, “Swipe right if your cock is bigger than 10 inches and you want to help me cuckold my boyfriend!”
“Willa, what’s going on,” my boyfriend stammers.
“Shhh,” I push him into the chair in the corner of the bedroom, facing the bed.
“Baby. You are allowed to play with your cock. But you are not allowed to speak or to leave that chair,” I tell him. “Do you understand?”
He nods and sits down in the chair.
“This is Anthony. I found him on Tinder. And you’re going to watch him fuck me.”
My boyfriend nods again. But I notice his cock is getting hard and he is rubbing his crotch through his pants.
I pull my top over my head and slide my jeans off. Anthony whips out his dick. It is impressive. It’s fat and at least 11 inches. My clit starts to throb thinking about this giant cock stretching out my holes.
I get down on my knees and start suckling the head of his cock. It is rock hard and so big.  When I start to suck and stroke Anthony’s cock, I make sure that I’m making eye contact with my boyfriend. I am gagging and choking.

I look back at my boyfriend and he is jerking his rock hard cock.

This makes my pussy even wetter. I position myself on the bed so that I can look right at my boyfriend while Anthony stretches out my tight, dripping wet pussy with his massive tool.
And then I woke up!
Now I cannot stop thinking about it. Maybe someone will call me and have cuckold phonesex with me soon and help me get off? Or do you have a specific cuckold phone sex fantasy? I want to hear all about it!