Hotel sex with a stranger on my birthday.

Hotel sex with a stranger, a night of full adulterated fun. On my 21st birthday, I went out with my friends for a night of drinks, dancing and plenty of flirting. We went to this hot club the music was pumping the lines were long and we just knew the night was going to be off the hook. We finally got inside and there were people everywhere on the dance floor by the bar and some just sitting around on the little couches around the club. This place was huge and the vibe was so alive.

We go up to the bar and right away I can feel eyes on me. I look up and a Group of guys is looking right at my friends and I. We order our drinks and do a few shots and were ready to hit the dance floor. We danced as if no one was watching, grinding on each other and making out. So we were feeling so good we didn’t care who was watching we were just there to have a good time.

All of a sudden I feel someone pressed against my ass they start to grind on me to the beat of the music and I start to move to his rhythm.

My friend stepped away noticing that we were starting to have a good time. I turn around and look into brown eyes so light they look orange his tan skin and muscled body tightened things low in my body as he ground his erection against my pussy. “Wanna go back to my hotel room?” he whispered in my ear, I could barely hear him over the loud music. I thought about it for a minute, I have never had hotel sex with a stranger before.

“Yes” I reply pressing my body against his, this was just so erotic. We got to his hotel room and my body felt like it was on fire with desire. He stripped me of my tight club dress, throwing it to the floor and back for the bra and panties he was so turned on I could see his cock pressed against the seems of his pants begging to be set free. Ripping off his clothes in a blur in seconds he was on top of me. He slid his cock in my soaking pussy hitting the back of me with the first thrust. I moaned crying out with intense pleasure.

He fucked me good and hard for hours in every position imaginable and when he finally came it was the biggest load I ever had inside of me. After our hotel sex fun, it was time for me to get dressed and do the infamous walk of shame.

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