Hotel Sex and business trips are a perfect way to have some fun when married men want to cheat.

     Hotel Sex is so much much fun ESPECIALLY when married men are being sneaky. Luke is a very bad boy who’s fucking around behind his wife’s back. He’s smart enough to do it while he’s on a business trip. He went for a drink at a bar near his hotel which is where he ran into me. I don’t think he meant to take me back to his room because most cheaters take their wedding rings off before they go out cruising. I guess he either didn’t care or he wanted me as soon as he saw me. Maybe it was both.

     He bought me a drink and made a comment about the very short leather skirt I was wearing. Asking if I was a bad girl. I told him to find out for himself and after a few more drinks we left the bar. There was a small sex shop on the corner and I thought I could get him to buy me something so I dragged him in it with promises of letting him use on me whatever he bought. We looked around and when I thought we were about to pick something out he told me to go wait outside.

I didn’t like that idea too much but surprises are always fun. So I put up with the cold for a few minutes.

He came out of the sex shop with a bag and promises of great Hotel Sex and as soon as we got to his room he made me get naked then put on a blindfold. I heard the bag rustling and it was so annoying not being able to see what he had bought for me. I laid down on the bed and I felt him snap handcuffs around my wrists, securing me to the bed posts. He then grabbed my leg and pulled it up, bringing it to my wrist.

He snapped a handcuff around my ankle and it was just above my arm so I couldn’t move at all.

Luke did the same to my other leg and I was wide open for him. I felt like such a slut lying there. I heard him taking his clothes off then got on the bed, his finger sliding into my pussy. He stroked me until I was soaking wet then leaned against the back of my legs as he pushed his dick into me. Luke began fucking me hard and fast, not bothering with foreplay and the handcuffs clinked as I moved from how rough he was being. He kept going, his dick ramming into my tight wet hole and going in deep.

I was moaning so loud I knew the people next door could hear me and I bet he was wishing he’d bought a gag too. He was panting and my stomach felt bruised as my body kept being shoved in half as he fucked me. He pounded my pussy, making me cry out and I couldn’t control myself. My pussy was throbbing and I got louder as I cried out. His hands slipped on me and his balls slapped on me as he gave one last thrust before filling me with cum.

     Luke pulled out of me and I could feel wetness dripping down my crack.

My arms and legs were aching but he wouldn’t untie me. Instead, he ordered some drinks for us from room service and ignored me until they arrived. Only then did he untie me and I had to give myself a minute to get my muscles moving again before I was able to take the glass of wine from him. I was having fun and didn’t want the night to end so I asked if he wanted me to spend the night. I think you know what his answer was.

To be continued.

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