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She is waving to us so we are curious and stop to chat. We have been drinking and are pretty buzzed right now. My gorgeous guy and I look at each other thinking the same thing, she is smoking hot. She is quick to explain her need for $200. She is willing to come to our hotel with us and do anything we want for that amount. Of course, my lover is getting a boner immediately. Additionally, she is promoting all her amazing skills.

He and I invite the hot young street prostitute to our room.

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As we are getting started, it is becoming clear to my hot lover and me that she is completely naive and has little sexual knowledge.

Our alcohol is wearing off and we can tell she is not only naive but possible younger than we thought. We are getting extremely angry. I grab her by her arms and smack her face hard. He reminds her that she said the $200 was for anything we wanted and now, we want it rough. My guy grabs her shirt and rips it off of her body. Holding her down on the bed, I pull off her skirt and panties. Quickly, using my skills, I bring her to an intense squirting climax with my mouth between her thighs.

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