Obviously, I wonder sometimes if my husband would freak if he knew what a hot wild cougar he married?

I don’t dare tell him about the thoughts I have about David. He is everything my husband isn’t, tall, young, big muscular arms. On many occasions, I caressed my clit in the shower and fantasized about it being David’s lips on my hot wild cougar pussy. My husband is a nice guy, and we have nice regular vanilla sex. Therefore I can’t help but want more!

Furthermore, my body needs to be pounded good and hard. I yearn for someone to throw my hot wild cougar body up against the wall, bite my nipples, pull my hair, and demand to taste my sweet pussy. I kiss my husband, and he’s off to work. This kinky cheating wife needs a sweet release!

David’s jeep is still in the driveway and his car is almost as sexy as his body.

A nice shower sounded like the perfect start to my day. I pulled my long blonde hair up and secured it with a clip. The cold air felt good on the back of my neck as a result. I was just about to disappear upstairs when I hear a knock at the door. So, I walked toward the front door, frustrated over the interruption to my good morning masturbation session.

As I fling the door open, the words fell out of my mouth so fast.

Therefore, I couldn’t stop them. “What the fuck do you want!?” Came, spilling out of my mouth as I pulled the door open. I was shocked and aroused at the same time to see David standing on the other side. He was looking down at me, from beneath his damp hair. Standing there shirtless, his body was hypnotizing. He answered matter of factly, “I want to fuck you!”

The instant the words left his lips I pounced on him like a hot wild cougar.

My legs wrapped around his waist. As a result, his hands grabbed my ass. Consequently, he lifted me and lowered my twat down right on top of his swollen bulge, as he feverishly tongued my mouth. David tasted like wintergreen and Marlboro. He pushed the door open and closed it behind him without missing a beat. Carrying me into the bedroom, he tossed me onto the bed and dropped to his knees before me. Then, I heard him whisper, “I have to taste you.” The second he touched me, I became the hot wild cougar that was dying to be released.

He reached up and slipped my panties off with his teeth.

I ripped the sundress from my body. It felt like I was on fire. David took his hands and pulled my knees apart with ease. My dripping wet cunt was now inches from his lips. I pushed my hips up, begging him to eat me. His mouth and tongue worked my pussy like a pro. His fingers felt like a thick cock inside me. I stood up and he watched as I unbuckled his belt to unleash the beast. The veins running up and down his impressive manhood were throbbing. I looked deep into his perfect blue eyes and said, “Fuck me!”
It wasn’t a request, of course; I needed it now!

I couldn’t recall a time I needed to be fucked as bad as I did right now.

David positioned himself between my legs so I directed his massive member inside my waiting hole and drove it into my sensitive cunt. My pussy clamped tightly around his shaft. I grabbed onto his nipple ring and tugged. I could tell he liked it because his nipple hardened between my fingers and he bit his lip. “Oh yeah, like that, harder.” I twisted and pulled on his perfect pink nipples; as a result, he forcefully rammed into me. I could feel the pleasure mounting inside my body. He was going to make me cum again. David was the best fuck I’d ever had. As he tightened his grip on my ass and filled my cunt with his hot creamy load, I couldn’t help but hope he recovered quickly. I wanted round two!

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