Hot Wet Blonde – That’s what my ad said.

“Hot wet blonde, approximately 5’6 & athletic seeks companionship.”- Which of course translated roughly to “Hello, I am an escort- Fuck You. Pay Me.”  I had wanted for awhile to film one of my hot sessions with customers. However, convincing a “john” to appear on camera provided to be more difficult than I had originally thought.

Hot Wet Blonde- You read the words carefully and slowly.

Checking out my photos and searching the internet reviews you found many satisfied customers who had more than enjoyed their time with me. Hundreds of men with such comments as, “Looks like a Playmate” and “Had the best night of my life!” You were easily sold and quickly called me to set an appointment.

“This is Dylan..” – You nearly choked when you heard my voice.

Searching for the words to say next you managed to utter out a hello and your name. You quickly jotted down the details for time & location. Your cock ached and you repeated my name to yourself over and over on the ride to my hotel.

“Dylan, Hot Wet Blonde, Dylan..”

When you arrived, surprising to you, the concierge immediately whisked you to my suite. No need to knock, my assistant Bianca answered the door. She instructed you to take a shower and to put on the plush robe hanging in the bathroom. You did so, thankful for the chance to freshen up before finally meeting the Hot Wet Blonde you read so much about. Bianca knocked lightly on the door and you asked her to come inside. She explained that it would be her job to fluff your cock. You jokingly commented that typically you had no issues getting hard, especially for a mysterious Hot Wet Blonde.

Bianca slowly dropped to her knees and massaged your thick stick of man meat.

Wrapping her fingers around you, allowing the delicate tips to tickle all the way to your fat & throbbing testicles. She began to explain the simple rules for play, as instructed by Hot Wet Blonde.

  1.  Anything Dylan Says Goes.
  2.  You Will Be Filmed.
  3.  No Questioning Tall Hot Blonde.

“Tall Hot Blonde of course has a code of standards she expects each of her playmates to uphold,” Bianca said.

Slowly pulling back and standing up to marvel at your dick, Bianca instructed you to put the robe back on. She waved her hand to follow her into the first room of the large suite. You asked her if she would be playing with Dylan today. Bianca giggled and reminded you of Rule #1. Her adorable petite young body and beautiful Latina skin made you quiver. The idea of having the two of us made your balls ache.

“When will I finally meet Hot Wet Blonde?”, you wondered.

Finally in the parlor of the suite, you saw an impressive array of camera equipment. Bianca told you to lay on the bed while she did a few test shots. Instructing you to jerk off for her while looking directly into the camera. It took a few minutes before you finally found yourself becoming more comfortable. Finally, feeling almost like a natural born porn star. Confidently wacking off while imagining Bianca eating Hot Wet Blonde for hours.

You hear the door open. It startles you for a moment but you finally see her, Hot Wet Blonde.

I walk in wearing only the most delicate strips of black lace. Matching thigh-high fishnets with a coordinated garter belt. My heels are high, you guess at something like 6″ tall. As promised, my sexy golden locks are tossed in a way that you have only seen supermodels wear their hair. I approach you and without even thinking, you drop to your knees to worship me. You pray that you are able to service me in a way that gains my adoration.  I curl my finger under your chin, begging for you to come here- pointing right to my perfect cum drenched cunt.

As promised, I am a Wet Hot Blonde.

But you didn’t expect to be left so breathless, mindless and completely taken by the urge to please me in any and every way possible. Lucky for you, I am always open to enlisting new followers into my sex cult.

What do you think Wet Hot Blonde has in store for the video? You’ll only know if you call me today for some taboo phone sex.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke