My Hot Voluptuous Mommy Was So Jealous of My Brother’s Girlfriend!

I’m not sure why my hot voluptuous mommy was so intimidated by my brother’s new girlfriend. Perhaps, it was her oh-so-confident manner. His girlfriend Libby went around the house wearing whatever she wanted or didn’t want. These so hot outfits would include tight shorts, short mini skirts, no panties under her clothing, or tight see-through tops that showed off her prominent hard nipples.

There was something mommy did not like about her. I think it just came down to plain old jealousy. She could not stand that another girl came into my brother’s life. Though, I will tell you that my brother was an infamous mamma’s boy. They spent a lot of time together.

More lay under those soft skirts and panties than some people knew!

There was so much that Mommy didn’t know about his new girl. However, Mommy had no idea that she did possess something special under her skirt. I will leave those shemale sex stories for a time when we can talk.

One day, my brother Jason was preparing for a date with Libby. He was so sharply dressed in his nice smooth shirt and pants. He even sported a tie, which he was not known to do.

My hot voluptuous mommy was so desperate she was willing to do anything!

Our mom was becoming so desperate. Truthfully, Mommy wanted Jason all to herself.  Finally, she came into his room wearing a very short dress, thigh-highs that showed off her legs, and no shoes. He had a big weakness for beautifully manicured toes.

After begging and pleading for Jason to stay home, she got on his bed and stretched out, making sure to spread those sexy legs. She wiggled her newly manicured pink toenails.  Her hands started to lower her sexy top. Another thing my brother could not get enough of was big tits. My hot voluptuous mommy was driving him to the point of insanity.

He came over to the bed to talk to Mommy, but she took that moment to strike!

When my mommy wanted something so badly, no one would ever stand in her way. Her hands reached over and grabbed Jason, pulling him onto the bed. Her lips found him and started to passionately kiss him over and over. His dick was rising up from under his black pants. The bulge was unmistakable. She grasped his hardness and started to squeeze and massage his dick.

Next thing you know, she was undressing him out of all of his clothing. Her mouth feasted on his skin, kissing from his mouth down his body. He thought was going to explode.

Mommy whispered sexy promises that she would keep if he would not go out with her.  She promised her body anytime he wanted, and that included sucking those beautiful toes and tits.

Next, she sat on his face and fed him her pussy!

There is nothing quite like mommy’s warm pussy on your face. He licked and swallowed sweet nectar until she couldn’t take it anymore. When she got off of his face, it was coated. She raised her beautiful feet and wiped her cum with her toes and souls. He took those toes into his mouth. While she fucked his mouth with her foot, he massaged and pulled those big, hard nipples. The night was so good, he missed his date with Libby.

Well, what do you think happened next? Did he end up getting even more from mommy?  I would be glad to tell you more.

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