Hot Virgin Sex-A Hot and Steamy Movie Inspires the Real Thing

Hot virgin sex can be disappointing, especially if you were like me and discovered masturbation early.  By the time I was well into my teen years, I had masturbated more times than I could count.  I became quite good at giving myself mind-blowing pleasure.  So by the time I was ready to dive into my very own first time, I was expecting the same. Hot virgin sex stories can be juicy and be arousing.

Dating Nick was very taboo. He was 26, and I was a sexy teen.  But he was so much more experienced than the boys at school.  The first time I felt his tongue slide into my mouth, my young pussy filled with juice.  With his tongue down my throat, his hand pushed under my shirt to find a nipple.  As talented fingers pulled on impossibly hard nipples, I rolled my hips in arousal.  And then when Nick’s fingers rolled over my engorged clit my young body felt like it was going to explode.  Nick’s finger fucked my young cunt to a fever pitch. My orgasm later left my legs, shaking for days after.

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Going to the local drive-in movie was a favorite Saturday night date.  We never even attempted to watch the movie.  Nick would park, and then we’d move into the back seat.  This time I noticed he had a blanket draped over the seat. Rick looked into my eyes as he slowly removed my clothes, and I knew that this was the night. Erotic oral sex stories were already a regular with us, so of course, this was the next step. My hot cunt felt like it was on fire by the time I was naked.

Pushing me back on the seat, his big body covered mine.  Sliding between my spread legs, his mouth moved down my heated body.  As he sucked my nipple deep into his mouth, I felt his finger sliding across my clit.   Moving to my other nipple, his fingers plunged into hot wetness.  And, then his mouth was on my wet cunt, and his talented tongue was dancing between my clit and soaking wet pussy.  Of course, my hips moved against his mouth in a familiar rhythm.

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Suddenly his fingers and hot mouth were gone.  Nick slid his body between my spread legs.  And, then before I could catch my breath, his hot and hard flesh was against my wet cunt.   Nick’s thick cock was at my entrance as he wrapped one hand around my neck and another on my ass.  Fingers grabbed my ass as he slid deep into my tight hole.  My moan turned into a scream that was muffled by a mouth.  As our tongues tangled, his hips were slamming into my virgin cunt.  His hot cream filled my cunt just as my own inner explosion filled my body with pleasure.  My young body surrendered it’s innocence with a screaming, “YES.”