I have nothing against transexual or transgender people,

but they can sometimes make you a little confused! I went out for the first time in my new neighborhood, and never realized I would meet the sexiest transexual ever! My friend came down from Miami, we got drunk, coked up, and took few really good ecstasy tablets. We were pretty well lit by the time we got to the club to say the least.

We danced and drank some more, swatted the guys away like flies and acted like sluts, teasing and grinding on each other on the dance floor, making out in our heels and tight little cocktail dresses.

As we were dancing to one of our favorite songs a hot, thin and very tall blonde walked up and got in between us, rubbing her pert tits against mine, and shaking and twerking an extremely large and perfectly round ass on my friend’s pelvic bone, as she leaned forward, smelling her neck, tits lay against her back as she started to kiss me.

We ground on each other in an ecstasy-fueled, sweaty three-way girl interlude, and danced until our hair was wet and so were our pussies in the damp, dark, flashing lights of the club.

By that time we were so trashed we asked the third girl if she wanted to come back to my new place, have some wine, sniff some big cocaine rails and jump in the hot tub, and she readily agreed and so we headed out of the nightclub (much to the disappointment of the male patrons), back to my car.

On the drive home the sexy blonde (whose name I later found out to be Rachel.) sat in the passenger seat next to me and had some of the naughtiest come-to-bed eyes I’ve ever seen. I could tell she wanted to touch me so I leaned in for a kiss when we pulled up to a red light, and she kissed me back, hard, and at the same time pushed her hand in between my legs and roughly rubbed my bald pussy. She took her fingers away, and while holding my eye with a steely, filthy look, brought them up to her mouth and tasted them.

We kissed for a second more so I could taste my pussy before I looked up to the sound of the car behind me honking, my friend giggling like a schoolgirl in the backseat and I realized the light was green.

We got to my house and I suggested we get into the hot tub. As soon as our new friend put on the borrowed bikini, I noticed she had quite a bulge in the front of her knickers. I thought she must just have a huge bush/had forgotten to shave for a while, but when we got into the tub, started to make out like we had been at the club, I rubbed on her (what I thought was) pussy, and to my shock I felt a hard dick starting to grow!

It threw me a little back, but she was such a good kisser I just stuck my hand down her bikini bottoms and began to jerk her off. At the same time, my friend was kissing the back of my neck, reaching into my bikini, and stroking my pussy, which was getting extremely wet. I bent over and turned around, so I could straddle her.

She fucked my pussy and I felt her cock get so hard inside me I was shocked how much it stretched me out. After I rode her for a couple of minutes my friend joined and I sucked on her big pert tits as I rode the fuck out of our new, interesting transexual friend’s cock. Just as she was going to cum, she rose out of the water, pulled her bottoms to the side, and allowed me to swallow a massive load of cum. Some squirted onto my face, but all three of us shared it, snowballing it together in a three-way kiss.

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of my transexual new friend…

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