Just because the weather is changing, it doesn’t mean that I can’t still don a tiny bikini and show off my body every once in a while. This little hot tub hottie loves driving all the men in the neighborhood wild!

I’m so excited, my Uncle Tony is in town to visit for the weekend. Now that he is here, it is the perfect time to take a nice dip in the hot tub! He always checks me out whenever he visits. I know that he wants my tight teen body so bad. I can’t help myself around him, I love being such a teen tease and putting on my tiniest outfits around him. In fact, I could not wait to show him what a little hot tub hottie I am. As soon as he got to our house, I just had to get him alone. After mom and dad went to bed for the night, I decided to invite Uncle Tony outside for a dip.

My tiny red bikini hugged every curve. I made sure that Uncle Tony could see that!

As soon as I walked out into the backyard in my tight bikini, Uncle Tony’s eyes were all on me. I knew he wanted my hot tub hottie body! Ever since Uncle Tony fingered me on the 4th of July, I have been practically begging for him to pop my cherry! I just want him to fuck my squirting pink pussy. He’s just worried about my mom and dad finding out! But who cares? I want his big cock so bad! Uncle Tony tried his hardest to ignore my little half-naked body as I climbed into the hot tub. He shifted around nervously when I plopped down next to him. The bubbles in the hot tub felt so nice against my bare skin, they were making me so horny for Uncle Tony.

I could tell that he was staring at my tiny teen body. So I decided to take off my bikini top!

Uncle Tony stared at my exposed perky teen tits! That must have given Uncle Tony a rock-hard boner because he immediately got out and stripped down to his boxers! I motioned for him to join me. The minute that Uncle Tony came in, I started stroking his hard cock in the water. He was so excited having a sweet hot tub hottie like me on his cock. I stroked his cock long and hard in the warm water while he played with my puffy pink nipples and pussy. Then, he sat me right down on his cock and had me moaning in the tub. Lucky for us, we both got to cum without anyone knowing!


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