Hot Tight Ass Tempts You With Those Bouncy Round Cheeks

Hot tight ass–I was slipping out of that tight jean skirt I wore when I was your game night girl. So basically I was just skipping around the house in black lace panties with a thong back, no big deal! Plus I had my titties out, and that was super fun. Actually, I was playing with them and looking in the mirror when I noticed a pair of eyes watching me…

You were there in the doorway feasting your eyes on my hot tight ass. I gave you a little wiggle when you said Shake it, babe! So I pretended like I was a stripper from one of your boy’s nights and gave you a real show!

Hot Tight Ass Does A Dance

Yeah, I twerked and swirled that juicy back meat around, tempting and teasing you with my black lace split bottom. You were practically drooling! Hehe, it was so fun to get you in this totally paralyzed state, staring at my natural gifts. I loved to shake it for you, and it made me feel like a porn star!

You were watching and you suddenly pulled your cock out of your pants! Oh, baby, that made me instantly wet, and I felt my own pussy juice soaking those sweet black panties. You were practically drooling as you commanded and instructed me on how to move my hot tight ass. I liked it when you took control…

I’m Your Little Slutty Booty Dancer

You spank me and tell me to keep dancing while you stroke your big fat cock. Now I’m really excited and I shout Spank that monkey! While I shake my ass faster and back up into you. You know you want it! And I do too. You tell me you’re gonna get it Sadie, and I say yes, please!

Usually, you just fuck my pussy and my mouth, but today I have a feeling that you’re going to stick it in my hot tight ass! And I definitely can’t wait. Now it’s time for my lap dance you slutty girl, you say.  Like an obedient little slut, I sit right on you as you squeeze me from behind!

Hot Tight Ass on Your Lap

Well, that was it for me, now that you’ve got me slithering and writhing around on your lap, I know you won’t let go! You naughty man, I say as I grind deeper into you.

Aw yeah, that’s it, Sadie, give me all of that hot tight ass, you say, and I look into your eyes and obey. Because I have to do whatever you say. And I feel your cock stiffening under me. Wow, you are incredibly hot, and I must be absolutely soaking you, gushing more with each twitch of your absolute tree trunk. Use me, baby!

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