Hot Therapist Roxy Mind Fucks You.

Love a hot therapist? Come take a seat on my couch. I know there are many secrets deep in that subconscious mind. And this naughty therapist is going to pull out all the stops to reveal each one. Bet you’re feeling a little uneasy and excited at that same time, aren’t you? Don’t worry darlin, you know I’ll use every fetish and fantasy I pull out of your mind to work you over with. So lay back and let the hot therapist take over.

So shy at first!  You just didn’t want to give much information up. Good thing I had some liquor on hand to put you in an intoxicated state.  Feeling no pain, my little puppet confessed all his naughty thoughts. One that really intrigued me, so I dug deeper. The puppet was enamored with taboo thoughts of a transsexual using him.  But it didn’t just stop there, and I leaned forward and listened intently.  He dreamed of silky panties and slutty lingerie. Butt plugs and anal beads. Stroking a cock other than his and tasting sweet cum.

Retrieving my laptop I started browsing sites offering up the tasty treat he wanted. And just like that, bada bing, I found just what he wanted.  A hot tranny with a beautiful cock, willing to take on newbies and give them an experience of a lifetime.  When I showed him the ad his face changed and he started to giggle.  “Let’s give her a call and set you up on a hot date!”, I said and his face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. The TS answered on the fourth ring, and I spoke to her on my puppets behalf. Lucky for us both, she was free for the afternoon.

Make Me A Girl

He tiptoed over to my desk and struck a pose, and asked me if I had some naughty clothes to dress him up in. This is just what a hot therapist is for; the ultimate fantasy maker who lets your dreams come true I thought to myself! I walked over to my closet and pulled out some things. I’m no stranger to getting it on in the office so I always have spare clothes.  Clapping his hands, I could see him transforming into a panty wearing sissy boy. But I couldn’t just stop at the clothes. This new persona standing before me needed a full make over.  I grabbed my makeup bag and told the sweetie to take a seat. We didn’t have too much time to get ready.

By the time the tranny arrived, my puppet was looking like HOT! And then I just got to sit back and watch the show.  She made him bend over the desk and paddled his thong bottom while making him beg for more.  I could see his cock throbbing and knew I had made an excellent choice. She pushed up against the puppets ass, grinding her hard dick into his virgin hole. “Do you want me to devirginize you?” she crooned, as he panted a hasty yes. The puppet looked at me and said “Thank you, Miss Roxy!”, and then screamed with delight as his tight hole was entered.

This was only the puppets first dance of many with the tranny! Do you want to know what all went down that first date? Call me and I’ll confess it all to you!

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