Stranger Danger? NEVER! ANY stranger sex is the BEST sex!

It doesn’t have to be with the cutest guy you ever saw. Or the guy with the biggest dick. It just has to be with a guy who’s ballsy enough and perverted enough to come onto a perfect stranger, say something REALLY dirty, and suggest that my pussy might feel good with his big fat dick stuffed inside it! =)

My most recent stranger sex experience happened at the local library, of all places! I was scheduled to take a final exam for a summer class there, but the instructor called the library and rescheduled for the next day! It was super hot outside, and I didn’t feel like going back out into the heat just then. So, I found an interesting book on the case studies of Masters & Johnson and sat down at one of the little single desks at the end of that row.

After a while, I became so engrossed in reading the case studies that I didn’t realize there was a guy standing behind me, reading over my shoulder. I was SO fucking turned on! I peeped out of the stall to see if there was anyone around. I didn’t look behind me, so I thought the coast was all clear! I inched my skirt up until it was all the way up my hips – then I pulled my panties to the side and SHOVED 2 fingers inside that tight little cunt! A whimper escaped me as I continued to read and finger fuck myself. I thought about how much I wished there was a big hard cock around to take care of me! I squirmed around some more, but just couldn’t get the satisfaction my wet little pussy was aching for!

All at once, I feel hot breath against the side of my neck and hear a whisper in my ear! It hissed, “meet me in the back of the library… last row!” That commanding voice made my pussy DRIP with anticipation! I didn’t know WHO it was, and I didn’t care. He had a cock, and that’s what I needed! I got up, grabbed my stuff, and headed towards the back row…

You know you want to hear all about who I found in that last row waiting for me! (Like it matters, we BOTH know I can’t turn down a hard, willing cock!)
CALL ME! – Yummy Zoey, the dirty little danger whore who can’t get enough of that HOT random stranger sex with whoever is willing to slam it home!



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