I know it isn’t summer yet but I thought it would be fun to break out the ice cubes. I only meant for it to be a joke but it turned into something completely different.
My friend Andrew had come over to take a look at my car; it was making a weird, rattling noise. He fixed it and I made him lunch as a thank you. He was sitting at the kitchen table joking about how women are useless when it comes to cars as I opened the freezer to take out a pizza. I saw the ice cube tray and the devil on my shoulder got the better of me. I took the tray out and popped up an ice cube. I put it in my palm and went up behind Andrew then slid my hand down the front of his shirt. He jumped as my hand moved down his chest and I laughed as I kept it pressed against him. He stood up with a wicked grin on his face and I stepped back, waiting to see what he had planned. Andrew grabbed an ice cube then pushed me against the counter.


He popped open the button on my jeans, pulled down the zipper, yanked them down to the ground, and shoved his hand down my panties. He pushed the ice cube into my pussy and I gasped as the coldness hit me. I tried to move away but he kept me in place and began moving the ice cube back and forth. The cold made it uncomfortable but the sensation felt good and I groaned. The cube started to melt and he took it out of me. He pushed it against my mouth and I opened my lips as he pushed the cube inside. I could taste myself on it as Andrew slid his hand back down my pants and began stroking my pussy. I pushed my hips down, grinding my pussy against his hand and he pushed a second finger inside. He moved them in and out at a good pace and I gasped as he brushed over my clit. He moved his fingers slower, trying to find the spot again and when he did I told him to stay there. He put his fingers around my clit and began to knead it. He was good and soon I was and desperate for something bigger than his fingers.
I told him to stop and reached down, undoing his jeans. I tugged them down with his boxers and kicked off my jeans that were around my ankles. I pulled him close and wrapped my leg around his waist, lining him up with my pussy. Andrew put his hands on my hips and pushed forward. My pussy must have been cold from the ice because he gasped when his tip slid in but that didn’t stop him. He went in deep then began thrusting in and out of me. I told him to fuck me harder and he did, slamming into me and causing my back to hit the counter. I was going to be bruised but I didn’t care and told him to keep going. He pounded me for a few minutes then let out a deep groan. His cum filled me and I worked his dick, trying to cum before he finished. He relaxed and pulled out of me. As he did so he brushed against my clit and I had a mini orgasm.




     We fixed our clothes, put the ice cubes away and I got started on lunch.
Break the ice cubes and give me a call so we can have our own hot, steamy fun.

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