Bradley and I met at a local wine bar.  He was funny, he was smart, handsome, perfect company to a beautiful evening.   He made my tummy feel funny, made me smile when there was no reason to smile at all.  He didn’t just give me butterflies, he made my pussy wet! We kindled some amazing feelings and made plans to finish a nice bottle of Merlot in the nice warm water of sulfur springs.

Up at the hot spring, there weren’t a lot of people. When we pulled up in the car there was only 2 other cars. We walked around looking for a spot where no one else was. Once we were in the water his hands were all over me. I quickly slipped out of my bikini and was straddling his lap. Thank God cocks are so easy to get out of swim trunks!

We were heavy making out and petting before I finally let him penetrate me. I had never seen his cock before so when I reach into the water to guide it inside of me I was shocked! He is fucking HUNG!!!!! I blushed with excitement! I wanted him deep inside as quickly as possible. I put the head of his cock right at my opening. I waited a moment and then went to sit all the way down; when he thrust his hips hard and fast inside of me. I let out a cry of pleasure, as he covered my mouth with his hand.

We sat there for a moment as my pussy adjusted to the large fuckstick that was now deep inside! I started to grind my hips gently to tell him I was ready for more. He wrapped his hands around my back and started to pump me.  I knew I wouldn’t last too long. I looked up and saw another couple heading our way. I froze and so did Brad. They got into the water across from us and started getting crazy so we did the same.

Brad started to fuck me again. Hard and fast as we both neared our release! I felt mine right around the corner when he looked at me and said, “Caden, cum with me NOW!” Those few words threw me over the edge into an amazing orgasm. He swelled and then pulsed inside of my tightly clenched pussy. We both sat there for a bit enjoying the heat of the water as he became soft inside of me.

~Sensual Phone Sex With Miss. Caden~


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