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Hot soccer mom sex was on my mind.

So I joined their club, to taste every one of these wet cunts.  I had already had a taste of Linda but I wanted more.  This hot soccer mom club or my sex club (grinning), was now my playfield and I wanted more.  Gentlemen, there are eight women in this club and all MILFs, I have pictures.  I am not shy about sharing pictures or the sordid details of the parties we have.  Yes, we all get naked now and it was fun convincing all of them to have fun together.  It all started with Linda and she agreed to my fantasy but she was not the aggressor, I was.  Kiki is a cutie with Auburn hair.

She tastes sweet and she suckles on my clit, like she is having a drink of water.

She slurps and makes these cute noises that get me wet and the more I think of our first time, the moister my pussy gets.  But it was just a few months ago when we all got together that was the best time I could have had imagined.   Eight MILFs in my master bedroom meant only one thing; I finally had my very own hot soccer mom sex club.  The could smell their cunts as I walk into the room.  I was ready to taste and to be fucked.

To my surprise, these women enjoyed the company of one another and were all naked.   I felt like a queen in her realm.  Pussy, pussy, pussy everywhere I looked.   I could remember blinking then the women started to kiss one another.  The look of two gorgeous women kissing, touching one another ever so softly with just the tip of one’s fingertip, tracing one another nipple until it reaches that sweet cunt.  Then the smile of approval.

As she glides down her soft, flat stomach with kisses.

I can see the other one receiving the attention in full ecstasy.   She is thinking of no one but just her pussy reaching orgasm and the taste of another woman’s cunt in her mouth.  She wants it as bad as the other one does.  See this is where I know I did a great job eating her pussy because now she craves that same feeling only another woman can give.  As the beautiful Delilah opens her legs to taste her cunt.  She slowly places just the tip of her soft tongue on her already swollen wet clit. and begins a slow swirl movement.  Cindy grabs the back of her head with a delicate movement as she becomes weak with pleasure and started to descend onto the lounge sofa.

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