Sibling Sex Stories So Hot You’ll Read Over & Over Again

I love my tight short dresses. Especially when they are white and I have the perfect tan to make them look amazing. I must say I often use them as my weapon. I tease and taunt all the men in my life and that is including my horny brother. Let’s just say the last time my brother saw me in one it made for one of those hot sibling sex stories that I know you’ll love to read.

It was a weekend without the parents at our place. My brother, of course, was going to bring in his hoe bag of a girlfriend but I didn’t care. I had some plans later that night but everything went downhill when my brother’s girl was a no show. As I was in the kitchen reaching for a glass my short dressed hiked up exposing my ass. I didn’t even try to pull it down and then I felt someone pressing against me. Of course, I knew it was my brother, and as he whispered how nice my ass looked I felt his hard dick under his pants.

I must say I was kind of liking it. There was something about his strong hands grabbing my hips that turned me on. My horny brother then pulled his cock out and placed it right in between my ass cheeks. He pressed them together and started sliding his cock up and down on them. I encouraged him by telling him just how bad I wanted him to cover my ass on his thick creamy load. Believe me, it didn’t take long. I arched my back, bending over slightly as he stroked his cock right on my ass.

Next time, I will make sure to have a taste of my brother’s cock before he cums!

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