Hot sexy lover goes for a great time.

My hot sexy lover told me to come over to his place last Saturday. He said the door would be unlocked, that I should come in and wait for him because he had a surprise for me.

I drove over to his house around 6:30 PM and pulled into the driveway. He lives just outside the city in an area known for its rolling hills, and his home sits on a hill. It is a mix of stark modern and rough industrial architecture, and it is an eclectic blend of stark metal and glass nestled into a hill.

The design suits him because he is a profoundly unique soul who defies all stereotypes. Our relationship is constantly evolving. He has spanked and whipped me, used an Exacto knife to mark my skin, and let my blood run, and offered me up as a treat for his many friends.  My hot sexy lover even let me play with some young little sluts. In turn, I have captured his cock in a cage, pimped him out for money at an adult bookstore, and tortured him in front of my friends. He is neither submissive nor dominant; he is open and willing to embrace the energy that comes to him.

I came in, the lights were low, and Taylor Swift’s newest album was playing.

 My lover knows I love her music. I sat on the low-slung black modern couch. On the marble coffee table, there was champagne and a glorious assortment of Neuhaus chocolate.  My hot sexy lover left a note that said to enjoy the champagne and chocolates and wait for him.  I savored those treats and kept listening for his car to pull into the driveway.

That is why I was startled when I heard footsteps coming from the back of the house.  I expected to see my hot sexy lover, but instead, I saw a tall, elegant woman with shoulder-length auburn hair walk towards me.  She wore a simple black wrap dress with black stilettos.  Her nails were cherry red, and matching lipstick covered her pouty lips.  She seemed so familiar, yet I could not place her.

Finally, she was standing in front of me, pouring herself some champagne.

After her first sips, the champagne glass had the perfect outline of her lips. She pulled me up from the couch, kissed my neck, and said, “What do you think, darling?” My bones tingled as I realized that gorgeous woman was my hot sexy lover.  He had transformed himself into a sexy, mysterious woman. I started to say something, and he stopped me and said, “darling, this is who I am now, just savor it.”

That night we dined at a rustic French restaurant and then came back to her place.  I made love to her that night delicately and quietly.  My hot sexy lover gave herself to me so willingly, and I felt so complete making love to her.  That night she told me that she would live only as a woman and leave her male life behind. I might have lost a man, but I gained a beautiful female lover. Over time she made a complete transition into womanhood, and we began a life of two naughty female lovers. One day I will share our Thelma and Louise adventures.

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