Have you ever been laying in bed unable to fall asleep? Perhaps, there were hot sex stories running around your mind and you would do anything to make them come true. That is where I would come in. After all, you love the feeling of a blonde babe like me taking control over you in the bedroom. I am literally the girl of your dreams, sent here to satisfy you in ways you have yet to realize. Now close your eyes and listen to my guided masturbation as we go on an incredible sensual journey to satisfy every craving you are having.

These Hot Sex Stories Are Just What You Need

As I lay on your bed wearing nothing but my birthday suit I give you that sexy smirk I know you love so much. My body is every bit of perfection that your eyes need. Laying next to me you run your hand over the curves of my back and ass. Then, slowly your slide your finger between my ass cheeks and over my slit, right to my stiff hard clit. Whimpering and moaning on your fingers, my cunt begins to wet itself to your touch.

I Need You As Much As You A Need Me

Then, as I push back on your eager fingers I notice how hard that package in your boxers is. At that point, it is hard for me to resist sucking that stiff hard cock. As my mouth moves up and down the full length of your throbbing boner your fingers never slow from finger fucking me. Finally, I moan out for you to fuck me. I need to feel you inside of my tight wet pussy. Then, at my request, you stuff deep inside of me. I moan out in pleasure as we fuck until we both blow.

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