Hot Sex Stories- Sensual Skin Makes the Best Canvas

Most people don’t know I love to paint, its therapy for me. In my world, my paintings are my hot sex stories. I’d been watching Philip for a while, he was very talented in his passion. Music. Watching him from afar, he looked so sexy. His stage presence was enough to make me incredibly wet. He was on fire. Philips Music rang from his soul through me like a perfected symphony. It was almost embarrassing for him to know I drove out here to see his show, knowing we were meeting for drinks after. I decided against telling him I had seen him in stage form.

I sat on the hood of my car patiently but nervously awaiting him. My nails clicked and clanked, and I blew smoke rings in the air watching the rings dissipate into the starlit sky. My purple lipstick left perfect rings, and I studied them wondering what else that shade of purple would look pretty wrapped around.

Drinks went smoothly with Philip, he showed me how to make cinnamon toast crunch shots. Of course, since he showed me that, I wanted to bring him back home, I mean it was THE right way to thank him for such a wonderful skill! *wicked grin* I Knew what I could do!

Take him into my painting room, and if I’m lucky our painting session could turn into one of my many hot sex stories.

Actually, what I wanted was to show Philip my painting room. He was dressed nice just coming from a show, so I offered him some of my white boxers, he looked at me like I was crazy. ” They are mine I promise, they are comfy, and easier to get paint out of and I don’t want to ruin your clothes”

Of Course, I too Changed into a white cami top, and tiny white boy shorts.

I squirted paints all over palates and didn’t offer brushes. I dipped each finger in a different color and began finger painting Philip. He learned my intention quickly, and before we knew it, both he and I were covered in a rainbow of colors. I was so turned on from the teasing and tickling. Stroking his beard with my teal colored hands, I pulled his face to kiss me.

“Now that you’ve painted me, Philip, it’s quite customary to fuck me” I giggled into his mouth as I kissed him.

“Yeah?” he countered raising an eyebrow. ” When shouldn’t go against customary conditions should we Anna?”

I shook my head no.

Philip peeled my paint-splattered shorts, and I was so wet. (Just telling you about Philip’s and my painting session is one of my hot sex stories, fuck! I’m already WET!) He sands his yummy cock inside and pumped me, pushing deep, knocking against my cervix. I begged him to fill me! I begged for his cum!

Mmmmm and he gave me what I wanted, again and again.


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