Hot sex stories Sara’s fantasy about fucking in her Daddy’s office chair

Hot sex stories- One of my favorite callers told me that he loved a photo I sent him of me, masturbating in an office chair. That made me think of a hot role play for us.

I am a spoiled rich kid who was mad at Daddy. He was a guy working at my Dad’s office. I show up and I go into my Dad’s private office, without asking if I could. He was out at lunch so I made myself at home.

I relaxed sitting in his big leather chair when Tony walked by. He saw my in my sexy short skirt sitting there. He knew my dad would not want anyone there, so he came in and asked me who I was and what I was doing there. I just smiled. Tony couldn’t help noticing how sexy I am, but still he told me he was going to have to call security if I didn’t leave.

“Please don’t. ” I beg. “I am sure I can make it worth your while if you let me stay.”

So I can tell Tony is turned on and a little nervous. He needs his job, but my long tan legs are making him crazy. I have decided I am going to seduce this guy, and make him cum all over Daddy’s expensive leather chair.

I tell him to come over to me. Then I spread my legs out and tell him to come between them. His crotch is eye level to me, so I unzip his slacks. I pull his dick out and start to suck it. “I want you to fuck me on your bosses chair,” I whisper in his ear. So I let him sit on the plush leather chair while I remove my panties and get up on top of him. I almost want my Daddy to walk in on us. I ease his cock into my pussy and I ride it until he is ready to cum. i pull up on it and let the cum ooze onto the leather seat. Tony quickly pulls up his pants and thanks me.

I get ready to leave as well, staying only long enough to take a pic of the big load of man goo on my Daddy’s chair. what will he think when he comes back to work?


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