Hot Sex Stories about Pushing My Neighbor Too Far

I’ve always loved reading hot sex stories. They work really well to get my juices flowing before I play with myself. One day I had been reading but had to hurry up and do some yard work before the rain started. I was extremely turned on and knew that my neighbor was home that day so I decided to tease him a little.

I had done it before. Knowing that he was watching me from his window turned me on. So I put on some really tiny yoga shorts and a tight tank top and headed outside. As I was bending over I could feel my shorts move to expose the bottom of my ass cheeks. What I was doing reminded me of some of the hot sex stories I would read. Little did I know, he had some plans to make some Erotic Sex Stories with me.

He always watched me from the upper level window. It was hard not to notice the curtain being pulled back as he peeked on me. I felt so naughty!! Just like one of the little vixens in my hot sex stories! I needed to release soon or I was going to go crazy! Hearing footsteps behind me I started to stand up. Before I could get all the way up I felt his hand on my waist as he pushed me against the house.

His face was right next to mine as he pressed the front of my body against the house.

Whispering in my ear he told me that I had teased him long enough. I could feel the hard bulge in his pants pressing against my ass. Wasting no time, he yanked my shorts down, undid his pants and started rubbing his cock against my already dripping pussy.

I love reading and telling hot sex stories!

“I knew you liked teasing me,” he said. “That pussy is wet as fuck!” Then he bent down and licked from my clit back to my puckered ass hole and stood back up. “Tastes even better than I imagined,” he said as he took his cock back into his hand and started pushing it into me. I felt my pussy lips spread open around his dick as he continued pushing into me. This was fucking amazing! The feel of his thick cock stretching my pussy was exactly what I needed!

He was relentless! His thrusts were fast and forceful as he pounded away at my dripping cunt. It didn’t take long to have my pussy squirting all over him. That sent him over the edge. Before I knew what he was doing, he removed his cock, turned me around and shoved me down onto my knees. Taking his cock into his hand he jerked it off in front of my face until it exploded. Cum shot all over my pretty face and of course I opened my mouth to get some on my tongue too!

He put his cock away, gave me a little slap on the cheek and said “naughty girl” just before he turned to walk back to his house. I sat there on my knees for a couple of minutes going over what just happened. Fuck that was crazy! Thinking to myself “this is what happens when you read hot sex stories before doing yard work”. I think I’ll be doing it more often! Hehe

Do you have any kinky sex stories you can share? I’d LOVE to hear them! Obviously now you know just how much they turn me on!! Give me a call and let’s have some super hot phone sex!!