Hot sex stories – She has sex on the phone!

If you’re looking for some hot sex stories then you’ve come to the right place. This was like phone sex in reverse. Let me explain if you would.

One day I was talking to one of my girlfriends on the phone. We were chatting, talking about random shit, and just having a good time.

There I sat on my bed, my legs hanging off the side, laying on my stomach, and the phone pressed to my ear. My bedroom door opened and in walked Justin, my roommate. I’m not sure if he’d come in to tell me something or what, because the second he came in his gaze fell to my plump ass.

I looked over my shoulder at him and gave him a look like “what?” He didn’t answer. Instead, he got on his knees and in between my legs. I gently and playfully tried to kick him off of me. He only gave me a wink and held my legs down.

What was he getting at?

The next thing I knew his tongue was wriggling against my clit piercing. I bit my hand and tried so hard not to moan. My legs started to shake really badly. My friend kept babbling on and on. When Justin took a break I tried to tell her I had to go, but he shook his head.

He whispered in my ear about how hot it would be to fuck me without her knowing. That meant I had to keep quiet and I’m really not very good at that.

Hayden having sex and not letting the other person on the phone know about it? I thought my world was ending. I stayed on my belly while he got on top of me. He was deep inside me while I bit my lower lip. I tried to keep my breathing normal, but it was so hard. It just felt so good.

We carried on our conversation as if nothing was happening, but I had to mute my phone more than once.

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