The Taboo. The Depraved. The Wicked Debauchery. Hot Sex.  All For the Taking.

As your secret lover, we share so much more than just hot sex.  We share a secret, something that is just for us. Something that you can’t have with your wife. I love that.  There’s this decadent thrill to being the “other woman”. knowing that I have a piece of a guy that no one gets to explore, that no one gets to have. It’s that hidden away part of a guy that thrills me so – it’s free and uninhibited and it soars free with me with such abandoned intensity.

That’s why sometimes, because of the lack of complications and pressures, I think a relationship on the side is exactly what a man needs. I understand this. I know that you need a place to go that gives you exactly what you crave. Know you need to have those desires satisfied by a woman who understands you.

I understand that the definition of hot sex varies from day to day. Even Hour by Hour.

You and I both understand how far the pendulum swings for us. From the vanilla to the darkest of extremes, and every flavor in between. And through all those flavors, is the insatiable need to cum, and cum often. And know that you will never be judged or scoffed at for your cravings and desires.

I guess my tastes can be labeled as “diverse” or “eclectic”, but I long for the special connection that only a mistress can share with her married lover. And in turn, share with his secret lover. And let’s not forget married cock fucks harder, tastes sweeter (is that because your wife stained it with her cunt?), and smells better.

Now I realize that the fact that I get off on a married cock harder is probably morally unacceptable. The truth is, I don’t really care about morals – I’m a rule breaker. Would you like to break some rules with me? Your dark, forbidden desires will be my secret and if it’s a straight-up phone fuck you crave, I can do that too. I am extremely sensual, even when discussing the most forbidden of topics, and my pussy is hungry for some new cock right now… seriously, RIGHT NOW!


Cum Secret Lover, let’s satisfy our cravings together.


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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke