Ready to start your adventure in exploring Hot Sex Positions on a new level? Changing things up can add a spicy flair in and out of the bedroom. You already have chemistry now let’s bring it up a notch with Hot Sex Positions.  Make these Hot Sex positions your own by adding your own little sexual twist.

Hot Sex Position with Raven 855-391-3835Clit Mission: Start in a basic missionary, but remember we want to add our own flair to these Hot Sex Positions.  Tired of your woman being a dead flounder in the bedroom?  I know you are!  This is where you lean upward and rock back and forth instead of thrusting up and down. It’s all about stimulating a woman’s “Happy Button.” Remember, you are pleasuring your partner by using your pelvis to maintain the back-and-forth movement against her throbbing clit. Keep in mind that most women can’t reach orgasm while being fucked. We need men to pay special attention to our clit.  This Hot Sex position is about the Clit NOT the Slit. This way, we both share in the pleasure.

Hot Sex Position with Raven 855-391-3835The SPHINX: Start in Doggie style – one of my favorite positions.  Love being face down and ass up. (Wicked LiL Grin) Maybe I could get you in this position as I peg your man pussy.  What do you think?  This position is doggy style with the flair of scissoring with a touch more bending for deeper penetration. Add your own style to make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

Imagine me (or you if I was going to peg you) being placed in the frog or “Sphinx” position, as you lean forward until they are nearly laying down.  Major meow!! this Hot Sex Position always for sexy hot deep penetration.

Hot Sex Position with Raven 855-391-3835The GALLEY: Think of it as the Reverse Cowgirl with your own special flair added to your Hot Sex Position.  Imagine you sitting with your legs outstretched, as I sit reverse Cow Girl.  Sizzling hot flair? Me leaning completely forward to expose my beautiful Sweetheart ass to you.  View to a Kill – What a way to go!!!  Furthermore, this is one of the Hot Sex Positions that I strongly encourage for an excellent calorie burning workout!   Yes, I’m always about multi-tasking.  Now bring in the Strawberries, Chocolate syrup, and Whipped Cream.  Start all over again to burn off the calories.

Hot Sex Positions with Raven 855-391-3835The PROPOSAL:  How Romantic yet extremely sexual.  Sure there are plenty of other Hot Sex Positions, but this one actually speaks for itself on all levels.  Imagine kissing and looking deep into your lovers’ eyes as you slip deep inside.  We both get on one knee, as we mirror each other.  Kissing and holding each other, as you maneuver into penetration and enjoy.  Let’s explore the GirlFriend Experience together. I’m waiting for you.  Furthermore what a perfect way to propose to someone, as you are deep inside them.   You can’t get any closer or more romantic than at that moment.

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