Hot Sex is the best especially when it happens in the morning.

Showers and Hot Sex in the morning just seem to go perfectly together.

 I don’t get those people who have sex like once a week or less because how can you live with so little sex? I’d go crazy and spend all my time playing with my pussy while watching porn if I lived like that. I want Hot Sex all the time and the best is when I get it in the morning and at night. It’s a great way to start and end the day. Really, who doesn’t like XXX Sex Stories, right?

  I went out drinking with a couple of girlfriends and met Jake.

He was cute and he was with a bunch of friends so I think a couple of my girlfriends got lucky last night too. I went back to Jake’s and we fucked our brains out. Damn, I couldn’t get enough of his dick, it was average length but thick and he knew just how to use it. We had so much fun and I fell asleep in his arms after some Hot Sex.

 Waking up before he did I was still a sticky mess so I went to take a shower, which was awesome because he had one of those big walk-in showers. I tried to be quiet but he must have heard the water running. Standing under the spray with my eyes closed and warm water running down me I was lost in dreamland.

 I was thinking about Jake’s dick thrusting in and out of me, rubbing my pussy and making me gush. My pussy started tingling and I kept thinking about him, playing through every little thing we did. Soaping up my tits, I fondled them as I felt hot and licked my lips.

 I pretended it was him touching me and when I heard the door open I thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me.

Sliding a hand lower I was just about to touch my pussy when the shower curtain opened a crack. I jumped and saw Jake peeking at me. Opening my legs a bit wider I cupped my pussy, sliding my middle finger into it so I could finger myself.

He quickly took his clothes off and got in the shower with me. Jake pressed against me as he held me and we kissed as he got hard.

 I then leaned against the wall and put my knee up so he could get in me but he pushed my leg higher and I showed him just how flexible I can be. Putting my leg over his shoulder I held onto him as he pushed his dick into me.

 My pussy stretched around him and I moaned as he went all the way in.

He kept kissing me as he started fucking me and I could feel his hand sliding all over my wet body. Jake held my hip as I tried to keep my balance while he thrust away in me. His hand went to my tit and played with it as water sprayed over us. I pushed my hips down, riding his dick and meeting his thrusts.

 My leg slipped and he held my knee, holding it up as he kept going. We moved together getting into a rhythm that made my pussy feel rubbed raw and my clit sent little shudders through me.

 He suddenly started cumming and I reached down, rubbing my clit so I could cum with him. I came a few seconds later and held onto him. When we were done we stayed in the shower a bit longer, this time to clean up and explore each other a bit more.

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