Everyone needs a Hot Naughty Neighbor to Play With! 

My parents aren’t back from their work trip yet.  What sort of trouble can I get into, I wondered.  I knew that I didn’t want to spend time alone when I got back home from school. On the walk home, I see my Hot Naughty Neighbor Chrissy, the things she could do to this high school pussy is amazing. I decided to pay her a visit and see if maybe our last hot sexual encounter doesn’t have to be our very last…

Wearing my short black skirt and pink and a crop top, I ring the doorbell to my Hot Naughty Neighbor’s house. With anticipation for what her reaction will be seeing me standing in front of her with my freshly shaved legs and a new haircut, I lean on the wall and twirl my hair between my fingertips.

When she finally opens the door, her eyes widen at the beautiful sight of me there waiting for her.

“Brooke! What are you doing here?” She laughs nervously.

“I just want to hang out,” I whisper into her ear as I walk past her into her living room. I sit onto the couch and cross my legs to reveal that I’m not wearing panties. Chrissy sits next to me and I softly rub my Hot Naughty Neighbor’s pussy over her pants. As she softly moans under her breath, I start massaging that sweet wet pussy of hers. 

“So, how’s my favorite Hot Naughty Neighbor doing? I haven’t seen you in a while.” I whisper to her but she’s too distracted to speak. I take her pants off and start rubbing my tongue on the slit of her pussy making her moan my name.

By this time, she just can’t take it anymore, the teasing is just too much. She flips me onto my back and starts fucking my pussy with her tasty tongue. I love having hot sex with my Hot Naughty Neighbor!

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