This Halloween was going to be one of the best yet! My bad girlfriends and I were throwing one Spooktacular Halloween Party. And all of us were definitely looking for some hot sex! We had been setting up all week for it and I have to say the place looked spooky good. We had a buffet table set up with amazing food and drinks, a bartender serving some Halloween themed drinks, a dance floor, the stripper pole was set up, and of course you can’t forget about all the areas you can fuck in.

This year I was dressing up as a devil. Of course, I just had to be the horny little devil of the group! Brittany was going as Jessica Rabbit and Brittany was the Queen Vampires. Of Course, all the other bad girls showed up in sexy costumes as well. However, we were so ready for this party to start!

Everything was set, the music was thumping and the crowd was pouring in. Everywhere you looked people were in all states of naughtiness. Brittany was putting on a show on the stripper pole. Brittany had three guys ogling her amazing breasts. I saw the other girls leading guys off to a play area. I knew it was time to find a guy and have some devilish fun with him. Looking around the room I spotted my victim. He was handsome and had dark brown hair that fell into his beautiful green eyes, he was dressed as a fireman. I knew I wanted to climb his pole.

There Is Nothing I Won’t Do For Hot Sex

This teen phonesex slut walked over to him and said: “How would you like to sink that hose of yours into me?”
However, he laughed, grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in close. “Does the sexy devil need someone to put out her hot fire?”
He started running his hand over my hip and down to my inner thigh. Slowly trailing his fingers up to my bare and wet pussy. Running them over my pussy lips and then rubbing his thumb on my clit. I was a moaning mess as he sank two fingers into my wet pussy. Pulling him in for a hot, searing kiss. Finally, sliding my hands down his smooth chiseled chest I found his bulge.

Beginning to tease him I rubbed by rubbing him through his pants, feeling his cock twitch from excitement. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard 9-inch cock. I could feel his veins in his cock pulse as I stroked him. However, I just had to have that cock in my mouth. Then, I got on my knees and started to suck on his dick. Running my tongue up and down on his shaft. That’s when Brittany came over and started sharing his cock with me.

He loved having two girls share his cock.

I could hear the moans of everyone around us and I knew a huge orgy was just getting started. Everyone was having some hot sex that would be remembered for months to come. I glanced around and saw people fucking everywhere. Brittany and I took our guy over to a chaise lounge. We gave him a nice little striptease. Kissing and touching each other as we took the others clothes off. He had me lay on the end of the chaise, bent her over and started fucking while she ate my pussy.
“OHH fuck, that feels amazing!” I said.

Another guy came over and I started sucking his cock. The guys wanted us side by side on the chaise and they took turns fucking us. It was amazing getting fucked by two guys. Their cocks stretching our tight little pussies. I came hard and they just kept pounding away. Brit and I were a moaning mess. That’s when two more guys came over and filled our mouths with their cocks. After all, we did crave to be their cum eating whores.

This Is The Perfect Hot Sex Finish

The four guys took turns fucking our mouths and pussies. Making us cum over and over again. This was some of the best hot sex I’ve ever had! We had two of the guys fill our pussies with their cum, then had us on our knees so the other two could cover our face and tits with theirs. We had cum all over and in us. And we loved every bit of it. I leaned over to Brit and started to lick the cum off her tits, sucking on her nipples, licking every last bit off of her. Then I pushed her down and started eating her pussy clean too.

Finally, I slid my fingers inside her, making her pussy squeeze around them as I sucked on her clit. So I could tell she was going to cum again. Her moans were getting louder, her body arching off the floor. Right as she was getting ready to cum two of the guys sucked on her nipples. Throwing her over the edge and making her cum so hard she squirted all over my face. As I sat back I smiled. After all, I was right, this was the best Halloween party ever! Who wants to have some hot phone sex Halloween Style?

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