Who doesn’t love Hot Sex?

Hot Sex and a little edging sometimes seem to go together.

Keith is a very important businessman who works at one of those fancy offices downtown. I know because he’s always bragging about the projects he’s doing and all the people who work under him. He’s fucking loaded, showing off his new suits and watches when I go over to his freakin amazing house and he drives a car that I would kill for. 

He knows he’s a big deal and whenever we fuck and have Hot Sex he’s always in charge. I love it but when he invited me to a work party I changed things up a bit.

Keith invited me because he’s 15 years older than me and wanted to show off his sexy young date to his boring, starting to get fat and grey co-workers. I was a good little date, smiling and acting like I was crazy about him. We had a couple of drinks and I asked him to show me his office.  “Is this where you show everyone who’s in charge?” I asked and he grabbed my arm, pulling me towards his chair.

 I knew the word ‘control’ was an instant turn on for him and I sat in his lap as he put his arm around my waist.

Sliding my hand to his lap I rubbed his dick through his pants as I leaned close and whispered in his ear that I wanted to have a bit of fun, right here, right now. I wanted the best sex stories.

Slipping between his legs I undid his zipper, taking out his dick. I stroked it as he started to get hard and he moaned as he told me how sexy I look on my knees.  Jerking him off  I reached into my purse and took out two ribbons that I’d brought with me. I let him go and tied his wrists to the arms of his chair.

He watched, getting even hornier as he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was in charge tonight so he’d better be quiet or I’d open the office door so everyone could see him. His dick twitched at the thought and I took off his tie then put it around his eyes as a blindfold before getting back on my knees.

Putting my hand around his dick I slowly stroked it as I licked around his head. Rubbing the underside of it as my hand moved faster then I put my mouth over it.

I sucked and jerked him off, working his dick like a slut until he was moaning and trying to keep quiet.

Not stopping and when he was on the edge of shooting his load I slid him out of my mouth. “What are you doing?” he said but I ignored him. I spent some time playing with his balls, squeezing and kneading them for a bit then gave him some more dick action. This time I only sucked his head and felt how tight his balls were pulling up.

They were so full and I tugged down on them as I massaged his dick. His thighs were shaking and he pushed up, dying for the suck that would make him cum. I pressed my lips tighter around him, giving him more suction. He throbbed and swelled as he panted but I stopped at the last second. I kept my mouth on him and he frantically shoved his dick in my mouth to try and finish.

 Feeling how bad he needed to cum was the hottest thing ever. It was going to be a long night because I wanted to keep him like this.

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