2(sapiosexuals * mutually interested parties) + phone sex = hot sex

When I think of hot sex, I think of getting freaky with somebody who doesn’t just turn me on superficially. I think of dropping my panties for someone who wants to rub nasties and rub brains. Well okay, metaphorically speaking as far as the brains part, of course!

During our adult chat, callers often ask me: “what REALLY turns you on?” I’m honestly aroused by many things, ideas, fantasies, fetishes. But across the board, what ALWAYS gets me wet is getting cerebral. Looking for some mutual intellectual masturbation? I’m your dream date.

What really turns me on is not reading from a “phone sex script” or feeling like I should be. The more “deep” we get, the deeper your orgasm (and mine), the deeper I feel you inside me as I orgasm over and over again.

I debated using the term “sapiosexual” in the list of my three favorite types of calls for quite a while. I worried it was “too pretentious” and “too academic.” But every single phone sex call I have with a client who called (at least partially) because of reading that word has been nothing but hot sex, seriously fucking hot phone sex.

Beauty is only skin deep and it certainly doesn’t “last forever.” Don’t get me wrong, I can be shallow and my attracted-ness to someone is definitely influenced by the way they present. But this is just another reason I love phone sex. When you only have another person’s voice to seduce you/”go on”/etc it creates the possibility for the type of one-on-one stimulation I long for, sexual and otherwise.

Can you stimulate my mind enough to make my clit throb, too? I’d love to find out. No need to be shy. Give me a call, I’m right here waiting to find out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke