Hot school girl fucks principle

No I would not fuck a hot school girl said no wise man ever. And us school girls are so smart. It is not the teacher you go after, it is the principle. Get in good with the principle and you can have WHATEVER you want. And all principles fantasize about the hot girls. It really wasn’t his looks that drew me in, it was his power. He has the power to erase my unexcused absences. I could literally skip school and he could make it all disappear. He could even fix my grades! I was a hot girl with a perfect plan. I was going to give him what he always wanted. His dream of fucking a hot girl was about to come true.  Older guys have always been more fun in my opinion. They are more experienced and usually love playing the sugar daddy role.

Now I just have to find a way into the principle’s office. It was easier than I thought. All I had to do was violate the dress code. Apparently wearing a short skirt and crop top will land you in the principle’s office. It was cute listening to him stuttering all over his words as he looked me up and down. He was already having dirty hot girl fantasies. Poor guy got so nervous he knocked something off his desk. But being the sweet girl I am I picked it up for him, wink wink. I made sure to bend all the way over to pick it up too. As I leaned all the way down my skirt hiked up and he saw my sexy panties. I know, just another poor soul teased by a hot girl. But is it really a tease if you plan to please?

Girls are so naughty

 I put the object down and then I sit on the edge of his desk. He’s real nervous now. My fingernails dragging across the desk. I must of been distracting him because he stubbled over his words. It was like he had memory loss. Oops. I’m so happy I wore my shorter skirt it’s going to make it easier for him to fuck me. This hot school girl is ready to fuck. My heart is pounding. Then I just go for it! I jump on top of him kissing him. Sure he tried pushing me off at first but then he just gave in. He gave in to his hot girl temptation. As his hands reach around my waist I feel him trembling. I drop to my knees and pull out his cock. I’m sure no hot girl has sucked his cock like this.

I kiss the tip of his cock while stroking it up and down. Then I open wide and take him into my mouth. After I take him out of my mouth I decide it time to talk price. In the end we both agreed to a sweet deal that worked for us both. He could have this hot girl as long as I got everything I needed to keep me happy. The secret to keeping a hot girl happy is to give her everything she wants. Don’t forget that! After the deal I went back to sucking the principle’s cock. I teased him with my tongue and stroked him with my lips. If you like school girl sex stories then just keep on reading. Once he was close I had to stop. I crawled onto his lap.

I can keep a secret

So I rip the buttons off his shirt. He begins removing my clothes and touching every part of me. I am grinding my crotch against his. Then finally he takes my sexy wet panties off. I feel his cock pressing inside me. My legs are shaking. I am so wet. Then I beg him to put his cock inside me. What do you think is going to happen next between this hot school girl and her principle? Do you think we do it right there? Hot office sex on the principle’s desk?

I like all kinds of teacher role plays. The more taboo the better. Just wait until you hear all about the kinky teacher accomplice. Need more now? Then just call my taboo phone sex line silly.