Daddy Gave Me Hot Rough Sex

Last week, I told you how I cuckolded my dad by making him watch me have dirty incest sex with my brother. I loved making him watch and came so much harder because of it. But, once my brother left, daddy was not happy. He opened the closet door and stood there silently. I asked why I couldn’t have some incest fun with my brother too. Why did he get to have all the fun? Daddy said he didn’t want to share me and he was going to show me that my body belonged to him. With my brother’s hot load still inside me, daddy finger fucked me hard while he kissed me deeply. My pussy was sore from my brother’s big cock but daddy didn’t care. He was going to punish me with hot rough sex anyway. 

Daddy’s Jealous!

I couldn’t help but moan loudly as daddy fingered my tight twat. I think he wanted my brother to hear us. Making daddy so jealous made me so horny. I loved getting him worked up. I decided right then that I’d try to make him jealous more often. Just then, daddy turned me around and pushed me face down on my bed. He was in the mood for hot rough sex and there was no stopping him. He grabbed ahold of my hips with both his hands and shoved his cock in my cream-pied pussy. Then, he jackhammered me with his stiff cock and pulled my hair towards him. At this point, I couldn’t control my moans and groans and neither could he. Daddy was breathing heavily as he pounded his girl. 

I Like Our Hot Rough Sex

I thought daddy was about to cum but instead, he pulled his cock out of my pussy. Then, still in doggy position, I felt him spread my ass cheeks. Then I felt the tip of his cock pushing inside my tiny asshole. He didn’t even ease into me like he usually did. His cock pushed inside me in one motion and I gripped my sheets tightly and held in a scream. Then he relentlessly fucked my ass even though he knew it hurt me. But, I liked this side of daddy. This is probably where my taste for hot rough sex began. Up until this point, I had no idea how hot it could be to be under the control of someone else and be man-handled. 

For the first time since daddy and I began our incest fun, I let loose and moaned loudly. “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard!” I begged. I didn’t care if my brother overheard us in the next room. All I cared about was getting more hot rough sex from daddy. Daddy told me over and over that I belonged to him, as he continued to fuck my ass. Then he blew his huge load inside my asshole. It was the best sex we had ever had! And I got to go to sleep that night with daddy’s load in my ass and my brother’s in my pussy. 

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